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Dark Souls fan draws Ornstein and Smough in a Berserk art style

A fan of Dark Souls and Berserk illustrates the infamous boss duo of Ornstein and Smough in the art style of the late mangaka, Kentaro Miura.

From story beats and themes to character and enemy designs, it’s no secret how much inspiration is there. Dark souls received from the Maddened franchise,. TO Dark souls fan socket MaddenedThe influence went one step further, creating a beautiful fanart of the legendary Ornstein and Smough in the style of the late Kentaro Muira.

Despite the difficulty of the encounter, Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough form one of the Dark soulsThe most beloved boss fights in the franchise. What makes this boss fight so memorable is the pressure exerted on the player by the fast and agile Ornstein, and the slow but powerful Ornstein. Players never have a moment of respite as they must juggle both opponents until one is defeated and the remaining enemy is powered up by the energy of their dead partner. His legacy extends beyond the first Dark souls, with their names and armor sets referenced in the game’s sequels, Dark Souls 2 Y Dark Souls 3.

A member of the Dark souls subreddit has shared a beautiful drawing of Ornstein and Smough in the style of the Maddened sleeve. Illustrator, ffSade, depicts Ornstein and Smough in flawless detail while channeling Muira’s intensity and staging. Maddened. Ornstein levitates slightly off the ground on the left side of the drawing, electricity coursing through his spear, as Smough smashes his mighty hammer on the ground, detonating the surface and scattering debris. Fans of Maddened You’ll notice ffSade’s intricate line of work, filled with heavy blacks and shadows, as well as extensive use of velocity lines to convey movement.

FfSade’s inspiration for the piece comes from multiple places. They explain in a comment attached to the publication that Ornstein and Smough “became [their] favorite bosses and [they] I wanted to draw fan art of them at some point. ” Crossing with Maddened in art is in homage to the passing of Kentaro Muira, ffSade describes himself as a casual Maddened fan, but someone who has always admired Muira’s work. Many video game communities paid tribute to Muira’s passing this year, including the Elden Ring community on Reddit, and Final Fantasy 14 waking players.

As mentioned, Berkserkinfluence on Dark souls goes deep, with many clear references to the popular manga series throughout the franchise. For example, there are obvious similarities between MaddenedMark of sacrifice and Dark souls‘Darksign, which involve people who rescind their humanity to achieve a higher destiny and leave a permanent mark on their body. Concerning Ornstein and Smough specifically, comparisons have been made to the two anonymous apostles who detain Guts in Maddened, as they are similarly a duo made up of a smaller, faster enemy and a larger, slower one. Like Guts with the Apostles, players tend to have a hard time defeating the Apostles. Dark souls duo.

Dark souls is available on PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox Series X / S.

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