Wednesday, December 7

Dani Alves: “I would not have accepted an offer from Bartomeu”

Dani Alves I spoke in Alkass Sports Channels of his sensations in this second stage that he lives as a Barcelona player. What he expects and how his return to the Catalan club was.


“I had the feeling that he would return to Bara, and although many people have missed him, I am back. We have to work to rebuild a great Bara, and for this we need stability and solidarity.”


“I would not have accepted an offer from him, I left when he was president and there was no point in working with him again.”


“He is concerned about the interests of Real Madrid, a successful management cannot be compared with poor management, it depends a lot on the presidents. They are used to signing great players, but that plus does not prevent us from facing them.”


“Laporta will rebuild the club again, and with his return stability will return. We are happy to have him with us.”


“Messi’s departure was difficult, the club had problems and it was difficult to retain him. He was against his departure because he is a living Bara legend. Unfortunately, things did not turn out as we wanted, but I hope that he will return someday and we can return to play together”.

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