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Bully 2 was in development and it was going to allow you to get into all the houses of its world | Levelup

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Bully 2 it’s one of those dreams that players have had for years. After all, the original installment delivered an interesting twist on the distributor’s open-world formula. For years many have wondered if Rockstar has even thought of bringing it back and the answer is yes, according to research.

A report that Blake Hester wrote for Game Informer Includes testimonials from 5 former Rockstar New England employees and one of the Rockstar Games headquarters. They talked about the development process of Bully 2A game that was planned at the end of the first decade of the century and that promised a lot. Unfortunately, the project was canceled.

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The story of Bully 2 started when Rockstar Games hired Mad Doc to develop Bully Scholarship Edition for Xbox 360 and PC. The deal came when the independent study was in trouble after Empire Earth 3 received bad reviews that were reflected in a poor commercial performance. Noticing the good work that was being done on the Scholarship Edition, at Take-Two decided to acquire the studio in April 2008.

This is how Mad Doc transformed into Rockstar New England and began working on numerous projects. For example, they were ending Bully Scholarship Edition for PC and assisted in expansions for Grand Theft Auto IV and in the development of Red Dead Redemption. They were also given the opportunity to work on a new project: the sequel to Bully.

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Bully 2 a world not so big, but much denser

Rockstar New England’s plans were ambitious. They wanted Bully 2 was 3 times larger than the original game to have a world of similar dimensions to that of GTA Vice City. This would have meant a smaller game than GTA IV, but also much denser. For example, the intention is that you could enter every house and building in the world, even by force. In addition, the dimensions of the world would have been adequate since Jimmy, the protagonist, could not drive.

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Another important point is that Bully 2 I was going to have an honor system like that of Red Dead Redemption, but more sophisticated. The goal was to have an item that would allow individual NPCs to remember their actions and thus for “a sense of memory” to exist.

“We really wanted to make sure that people remembered what you were doing, so if you played a prank on your neighbor, they would remember it. That your actions had more meaning beyond a 20-foot radius and 5-second memories of the [personajes no jugables] close to you, “said one developer.

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This would also have led to more complex relationships with the characters: “You would be, for example, the best friend of the chef at the institute or whatever, or the chef could really hate you or something like that, and that would open up different options. No I know how far that would go – if it boiled down to ‘you’re the good Jimmy’ versus ‘you’re the bad Jimmy’ or what – but I know that in some of the first ideas that were considered, you’d have that level of detail in the relationships with other characters in the world. “

Rockstar New England was also developing ideas like grass growing systems or glass destroying systems that we later saw in Max Payne 3. It was still going to be possible to climb trees and climb different sections of houses and buildings.

What happened with Bully 2?

It all sounded great, so what happened to Bully 2? Developers estimate that the project still needed 2 or 3 years of development, although several of its elements – such as the land – were already finished. However, little by little Rockstar Games was withdrawn from the project to help develop games such as Max Payne 3. To this was added that there were several layoffs within the study. In the end, this, coupled with a troubled work culture, led to Bully 2 was canceled.

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And you, what do you think about this story? Do you notice what Bully 2 was he proposing? Tell us in the comments.

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