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Batman Returns: Top 10 Catwoman Quotes

Batman Returns not only has great action scenes, but also great dialogue. And Catwoman is among the characters with the most impressive things to say.

Nearly three decades have passed since Batman Returns was released, and the movie still stands today, thanks to its great characters. One of the great performances of the Tim Burton sequel is that of Michelle Pfeiffer, who plays Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman. Starting out as the secretary to corrupt co-op mogul Max Shreck, Selina becomes a vigilante as Batman.

There are many interesting things about Selina, including her “nine cat lives” and her complicated romantic relationship with Bruce Wayne. She is also a great fighter, but the most impressive thing about her is her dialogue. Selina has so many amazing comments throughout the movie that always leave fans eager to see the next line.

When she gives an assault victim a locker room

“Always waiting for some Batman to save you. I am Catwoman. Hear me roar! “

At one point, Selina saves a woman from a robber on the streets of Gotham. However, he is angered upon realizing that the woman was expecting Batman, not her.

Selina’s frustrations stem from the fact that she considers herself a hero equal to Bruce Wayne. It’s the same frustration that later leads her to work with Batman’s enemies. But she has no justification for being jealous of Batman’s popularity because he has done so much more for Gotham. He’s trustworthy too, so it’s more natural for the citizens of Gotham to wish to be rescued by him more than anyone else.

When she tries to convince Max Shreck not to hurt her

“How can you be so mean to someone so insignificant?”

Batman Returns It qualifies as one of the best Christopher Walken films and in it, he impresses as the villain Shreck. After discovering that Shreck’s power plant will consume Gotham City’s electrical power instead of creating it, Selina confronts him about it. Undaunted, the billionaire threatens her before shoving her out the window.

Watching Selina try to beg for her life is hilarious because she’s more deadly than she pretends to be. She is more than just a secretary and that is why she has been so interested in digging into Shreck’s secret plans. Even when Shreck pushes her out the window, she doesn’t get hurt because she has feline reflexes.

When he tries to kill Batman

“It seems that all the women you try to save end up dead… or deeply resentful. Maybe you should withdraw. “

Bruce tries to beg for mercy when Selina immobilizes him under some mistletoe plants and tries to kill him. He reminds her that he once tried to save her life, but she doesn’t think that’s reason enough to forgive him.

Selina is really resentful, but that’s only temporary, because moments later, she puts her plan to kill Bruce aside and starts flirting with him. She thinks she hates the Gotham hero, while she actually has feelings for him. His claim that all the women he tries to save end up dead or resentful is also not true. She is the only one who is really in conflict with him.

When you propose a partnership with Penguin

“Batman. The thorn on both sides. The fly in our ointment ”.

Selina is enraged when Bruce throws her onto a sandy road, causing her to lose her “second life.” He approaches Penguin at his campaign building and proposes a partnership, claiming that Batman is an enemy of both.

Since Penguin is one of Gotham’s most powerful criminals, Selina believes that she can easily harm Bruce by pairing up with the sharp-nosed villain rather than hunting him herself. She is hopeful that things will get a lot easier because Penguin is running for mayor and has a high chance of winning. Penguin’s political arc is definitely one of the Batman Returns stories that were ahead of their time, but unfortunately for him and Selina, things don’t turn out as easily as they hoped.

When she presents her plan to destroy Batman

“I want to play an integral role in his degradation.”

While forging a partnership with Penguin, Selina lists the sins Bruce has committed against her, the biggest being damaging her arm with a blue corrosive chemical capsule while chasing her from Shreck’s shop. Then he promises to take it down.

It’s another declaration of war that feels unjustified because Bruce tried to save his life right after inadvertently burning his arm. She also showed no appreciation for that moment because she went on to stab him in the abdomen. As such, she is very unappreciative and unreasonable.

When she returns home after being pushed from an office block window

“Honey, I’m home! Oh, I forgot. I am not married”.

Unsurprisingly, Selina survives what would have been a fatal fall when Shreck pushes her out the window. Instead, she is seen walking back to her house where she declares that she has arrived. She quickly reminds herself that there is no one else inside.

It’s yet another example of Selina’s weird but great sense of humor. “Honey, I’m home,” is a phrase that most married people like to use after a long day at work. Selina, on the other hand, is single. She is also not interested in commitment, having once turned down Bruce’s proposal for a relationship.

When she spares the security guards

“They pay him in excess. Hit the road ”.

As the Red Triangle Gang attacks the city, Selina seizes the opportunity and loots De Shreck. The guards beg her to hand them out because they only make $ 300, but she scoffs, claiming they have been overpaid, before ordering them to leave.

Most fans will agree with Selina that the guards definitely get overpaid as they can’t stop her, but they outnumber her. The guards do not see it that way, as they believe that their wages are too minimal for them to make a serious effort. Therefore, they are more than happy to spend the night in the tent without protecting anything.

When she explains how wonderful the tree lighting ceremony will be

“Tonight is going to be a hot time in the cold city.”

Selina meets Bruce outside Gotham Plaza the day before the ‘Lighting the Christmas Tree’ ceremony. He invites her to dinner at Wayne Manor and she accepts in a rather cheeky way.

By coining the phrase “hot weather,” Selina makes it sound like she’s talking about the ceremony of light. In reality, she is hinting that she and Bruce will engage in passionate lovemaking later that night. The night’s events turn out almost as accurate as she predicted, but their lovemaking session is interrupted by news of the Ice Princess’ kidnapping.

When explaining why it is better to work with bad

“It’s the so-called normal guys who always let you down. Sickos never scare me. At least they are engaged.

Selina tries to explain her decision to work with Penguin by stating that baddies always believe in her course. The good guys, on the other hand, tend to be in conflict.

His analysis of the good and bad men is accurate, as most villains have been shown to stick to their plans to the end. Most would rather die or go to jail for the course than to suddenly change their tact. In contrast, heroes tend to have too much awareness, so they can back off at any time. Even Selina herself develops a conscience at some point.

When he reveals Batman’s identity

“This is Batman, you idiot!”

While Bruce is busy saving the children of the Red Triangle Gang, Selina chases Shreck into the Old Zoo to kill him. Bruce appears before removing his mask. Shreck wonders why Bruce is dressed as Batman so that Selina will reveal the truth to him.

Shreck never envisioned his fellow billionaire as the masked vigilante, so his look of disbelief makes sense. Sadly, the reveal leads to undesirable results when Shreck, in a surprise twist, shoots Bruce, proving why he is one of Tim Burton’s best villains. Fortunately, Selina wields her revenge by killing Shreck, ending their long rivalry.

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