Wednesday, December 7

Ashes of Creation shows off graphics in new video • Console and Dashboard

As it continues its development for PC, Ashes of Creation has given signs of life. With a new video, show off your graphics. It uses the Unreal Engine 5 engine, at the same time that it bets on some snowy scenes to accompany Christmas.


This Intrepid Studios title is presented as an MMORPG, where every action has its permanent consequences. We will explore, trade and build to shape your world.

We will be part of a great war, gathering valuable components that allow us to create tools. The playmates will be the great opponents, but also the creatures we run into. In the midst of a challenging environment, we can lay siege to castles, in search of our niche in the realm, or shape the market, being a successful trader.

Among other options, we can become the best of the artisans or put skill to the test by defeating the other guilds. As the needs of the population increase, missions and secrets will be unlocked. It will be possible to destroy what we once built and participate in political intrigues.

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