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Andrew Garfield’s double seemed to confirm new Spider-Man movie, but it was all a misunderstanding | Levelup

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WARNING: This note includes information that could be considered spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home

Fans want Andrew Garfield to play Spider-Man again. So much so that they made a move to ask Sony to do The Amazon Spider-Man 3. There are rumors that the actor could return to the role of the arachnid and for that reason many lost their minds when it seemed that the actor’s double was confirming the closure of the trilogy.

As our friends tell about Tomatoes, William Spencer, Andrew Garfield’s stunt double, was on Instagram answering comments from acquaintances and followers. One user jokingly decided to congratulate him on having received the call to work on TASM3, acronyms that mean The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Upon seeing this message, the double replied “thank you very much”, a gesture that many saw as a confirmation that Sony Pictures listened to the fans and The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is in development. After all, why would I reply with this kind of thank you to the congratulation?

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Unfortunately, it was all a misunderstanding. In a post on Instagram, Spencer said he thought he was being congratulated for participating in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

“This is a misunderstanding. I thought this fan was talking about the current movie and was abbreviating and did not read carefully enough, I apologize for that. I replied a lot of congratulatory messages for the movie that had just come out and was trying to write to all the fans to make sure they know that I appreciate their enthusiasm for No Way Home, not for any new project. Again, I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ANY NEW SPIDER-MAN MOVIE WITH ANDREW GARFIELD. I’M HAPPY THE FANS ARE SO EXCITED, BUT PLEASE DON’T ASSUME THINGS THAT ARE NOT TRUE AND PUT THEM ON ME, ”said Double Risk.

So while many would love for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 were a reality, the gratitude of the double does not mean anything. For now the only thing left is to hope that Sony Pictures listens to the fans and fulfills their dream of seeing Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man again. It seems difficult that it will happen, but at this point nothing seems impossible in the world of cinema.

What do you think about this new? Do you think we’ll ever see Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker again? Tell us in the comments.

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