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22 juegos de 2022 – Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

It may sound exaggerated, but our pulse does not tremble at all when we say that Rocksteady is a studio that has made history in the video game industry. Not surprisingly, talk about Batman: Arkham Asylum It is to make it from the work that restored the luster to titles based on superhero licenses and one of the most influential works of the last decade, with a combat system and mechanics that we have seen replicated many times since its launch. Far from settling for being an outstanding product and displaying extreme fondness for the Dark Knight, the company pulled off an impeccable trilogy that concluded in 2015 with Batman: Arkham Knight. Since then, the only thing they have offered us was the curious Batman Arkham VR, but now they are finally back with an ambitious new blockbuster that aims to become one of the big hits of the coming year: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

The Suicide Squad vs. Brainiac and the Justice League

  • Study: Rocksteady
  • Publishing company: Warner Bros. Games
  • Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC
  • Release date: 2022

As its name suggests, In this game we have to embody the charismatic Suicide Squad, this time made up of Deadshot, Harley Quinn, King Shark and Captain Boomerang. Your mission? Eliminate the Justice League, whose members are being controlled by Brainiac, the great villain of the function that has started the invasion of Earth. As you can imagine, fulfilling our objective having as enemies such powerful heroes as Superman, Wonder Woman or Green Lantern is not going to be something exactly easy, especially if we take into account the group of characters that we will control, whose abilities cannot even be compared to those of of these DC icons.

If something seems to have made his first trailers clear, it is that the title respect at all times the tone by which the adventures of this irreverent group of antiheroes are characterizedSo we can expect a hooligan touch with loads of chaos, black humor, insanity and gore. Yes, the world is about to succumb to its end, but this isn’t going to stop Harley Quinn and company from having a good time without taking the apocalypse too seriously.

In the purely playable what we offer to be a third-person action adventure with the ability to cooperate with up to three other players to complete all kinds of missions while we get shot and beat all over Metropolis. As expected, each of these four playable characters will have their own distinct style of play, which will radically change both the way we move around the city and the way we kill enemies.

For example, King Shark has the ability to scale buildings, destroy melee rivals and even devour them, which seems to make him an ideal option to play crazy and devastate everything, while if we choose Deadshot we can fly thanks to your jetpack and take out enemies at medium and long range with your powerful and varied arsenal.

Collaboration with our colleagues seems to be something very important if we want to survive what awaits us and the title seems to bet everything on the most crazy and unbridled action, with countless enemies populating the screen at all times that will prevent us from being still for a single second. In addition, the scenarios seem designed in such a way that we can take advantage of the verticality of which they will display a lot.

We still have many things to discover, such as the type of structure and design that their missions will have or the way in which the battles against the Justice League will be planned, since it is difficult for us to imagine how it can be transferred to a video game in such a way. a successful battle against someone like Wonder Woman or Superman, but If there is a study that has earned our trust with their work in the past decade, it is undoubtedly Rocksteady., so we are looking forward to knowing more about the project.

In addition, We cannot close this article without emphasizing that it will be a game intended exclusively for the new generation, something that has already been noticed in its first trailers with some models, animations, effects and scenarios that are a real marvel. Will the Suicide Squad measure up to the Batman Arkham? We hope to find out in 2022.

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