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10 Xbox 2022 Predictions That Could Be True, According To Reddit

At the dawn of a new generation of Xbox and the precipice of a new year, fans are busy guessing what the Xbox Series X | S has in store in 2022.

The Xbox brand has had a very up and down journey since it entered the gaming scene in November 2021. The original console featured powerful hardware and featured various games that took advantage of the then-new Xbox Live, and the Xbox 360 continued. more than its predecessor did well.

The Xbox One generation proved more controversial as the mandatory Kinect integration and proposed requirements to always be online damaged the brand’s reputation, but changes in the company’s leadership brought a return to better times. Now, at the dawn of a new generation of Xbox and the precipice of a new year, fans are busy guessing what the Xbox Series X | S has booked in 2022. While some theories seem far-fetched, others are likely to be true.

10 2022 will be the best year yet for Xbox exclusives

Even though there are several excellent Xbox One exclusives, Microsoft’s latest generation of consoles were criticized for not having exclusives as strong as the PlayStation 4. However, many gamers believe that 2022 will finally see the release of several Xbox exclusive games. high quality. This number will likely be bolstered by recent acquisitions such as ZeniMax, the parent company of developer Bethesda. DoctorTide Reddit Post lists several exclusive games that fans should be excited about, including Redfall, Starfield, Y Hellblade 2.

9 Console shortages will continue to be a problem

Many gamers have struggled to find Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles to purchase in the first year of their lifecycles. While the duration of the shortage seems extreme, unfortunately, it seems that this shortage could continue until 2022. In a thread on delays, Redditor Busy_Service_3924 predicts it won’t be until 2023 that the X Series will be available on the shelves, and several others agree. Unfortunately, the combination of worldwide shipping issues and parts shortages makes this prediction more than possible.

8 Microsoft will acquire SEGA

Microsoft has never shied away from buying smaller companies that can contribute to its ecosystem (Xbox or otherwise), and it hasn’t surprised many people that they have continued this trend by acquiring game developers. However, few expected to buy a group as large as ZeniMax. This move gave them exclusive rights to the best Bethesda games, and gamers hope that Microsoft will continue its acquisitions. A popular assumption, that Usernametaken112 repeticiones, is that Microsoft will buy SEGA in 2022. The move would help the console gain traction in Japan, where it has historically struggled.

7 Starfield to release Buggy but will be a Game of the Year competitor

Skyrim is famous for having funny bugs, and most Bethesda games have been the same way. While the company has created some of the best open-world games of all time, there’s no question that the breadth of its games sometimes comes at the expense of initial polish. Redditor MarvelMind agrees, though they also point out that several of these games have become genre-defining hits. As Starfield It will be a whole new scenario (science fiction from outer space) for Bethesda, it wouldn’t be surprising if the game contains a lot of unexpected bugs. That said, the game is likely to impress if it achieves the lofty gaming goals it has set for itself.

6 Gears Of War 6 will be released in November 2022

While aura Y Force have recently launched successful franchise entries, Newtonius235’s post on Reddit discusses a GeForce Now leak that suggests Gear of war It will soon follow suit with a new release in November 2022. While some fans cite the lack of official communication as a sign that the leak is wrong, it makes sense that Microsoft wants a new one. Gears title sooner rather than later.

With the lack of a real next-gen launch title, the Gears of War 5 expansion Hivebusters was considered the most impressive software of the X Series | Consoles S.

5 The next Forza Motorsport will launch in the third quarter of 2022

Forza Horizon 5 It’s packed with memorable places to drive and features some of the best arcade racing in recent memory, but the success of the game has done little to please fans of the franchise’s most realistic base games. Four years have passed since Forza Motorsport 7 was released, and Force subreddit user PapiElon cites data leaks from Nvidia to support the theory that the game will be released on August 8, 2022. While the specific release date is just a rumor, fans know for sure that the game will sport an entirely new engine and leave drop the title number. just be called Forza Motorsport.

4 The Coalition will launch a new IP

Epic Games may now be famous for Fortnight and its Epic Games Store, but the developer has released several hits, including the Xbox exclusive Gears of war. After the first three major games in the series, Microsoft bought the rights to the franchise and The Coalition created the newer titles. With the success of Gears of War 5 and its considerable expansion Hivebusteryes, fans like Redditor cat_statue They have put together job postings to conclude that the studio is likely working on a new IP for the first time.

3 Hogwarts legacy will be fun, but disappointing

In 2018, an impressive-looking trailer was leaked for a Harry Potter video game not announced at the time. The trailer only showed a brief clip of the use of magic, but what was shown was more realistic than any Wizarding World game ever released. Fans now know that the leaked images were what it would become for Hogwarts legacy.

Little is known about this game beyond what was shown in a short reveal trailer, and ArachnosBlack predicts that the game will be solid and at the same time disappoint those who have promoted it beyond the realistic. While it’s too early to tell if the game will work, it may be impossible to achieve what many fans of the franchise are hoping for.

2 Microsoft to release a streaming-only console

The Xbox Series X | S possesses different specs and disc capacities, but many fans think that Game Pass’s focus on mobile streaming may indicate that a third “console” will arrive in 2022. James12641 predicts that this console will simply be a dongle that can stream games via the cloud to Internet-connected televisions. While this would only work for people with particularly strong internet speeds, the technology appears to be in place for Microsoft already. This third console would hope to avoid the bugs and duplicate the positives of Stadia Pro to deliver the first streaming-only premium gaming experience.

1 Several announced games will be delayed until 2023

Covid-19 and the complications that surround it have caused delays in almost every industry, and video games are not immune. Numerous titles that were initially supposed to be released in 2021 were pushed back to 2022, and NotFromMilkyWay predicts that a domino effect will cause many scheduled games to be postponed into 2023. Even if the industry workflow returns to normal, delays may be necessary simply for scheduling reasons. Publishers prefer to space out similar games to maximize sales potential, and games already delayed from 2021 on can clutter up the most desirable release windows.

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