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When will we know more about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak? Capcom responds | Levelup

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Monster Hunter became the most successful franchise in Capcom’s history, a remarkable achievement since we are talking about the company responsible for global phenomena such as Street Fighter Y Resident Evil. Currently, there is no greater success for the Japanese company than Monster Hunter World, but Monster Hunter Rise He is already beginning to write his story and 2022 will be a great year for this installment.

2022 looks great for Monster Hunter Rise

To close 2021 with good news, Capcom revealed that it will be in spring 2022 when new information about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, an expansion of the original installment that is currently available on Nintendo Switch and will debut on January 12 on PC. As we inform you at the time, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will arrive with new scenarios, a new story and a legendary duel with a new type of dragon named Malzeno.

The expectation is that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak It will arrive in the summer of next year to the version of Switch and PC, however, it is not something certain since the new windows to report on the projects have gone to the second quarter of 2022 due to the rebound of the pandemic, so we only have to wait so that the project is not affected and we can enjoy it next year.

Stay informed, in LEVEL UP.

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