Monday, June 27

Twitch expels popular streamer Froste for using ‘cracker’, the new banned word

Twitch is one of the most important live streaming platforms in the world, focusing mainly on streamers of videogames, although with increasingly versatile content and also with increasingly harsh policies in terms of behavior.

Sometimes Twitch toughen up your policies to avoid harassment or bad language, but at other times automatic filters and poorly tuned AI can give headaches like the expulsion of Froste, a well-known streamer who plays all kinds of video games and also performs live simply by talking to his audience.

A few days ago Froste saw how suddenly received an expulsion (or ban, whatever you want to call it) from Twitch for using the word cracker with a friend, a word that depending on its use it can have a positive meaning and it can also be used in a racist (or rather classist) way, with Froste assuring that he had evidently used it lovingly with one of his friends.

Cracker, the new banned word from Twitch

Froste is not the only one expelled for using this word since during the last days many streamers have been penalized for using this word which does not have a translation as such in Spanish, but, according to we read on Wikipedia, its use pejorative refers to a way of derogating from poor white people in rural areas or from the southern United States.

At the moment Froste has appealed to Twitch for expulsion but his channel remains inactive.

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