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This is what BioShock Infinite would look like if it had been on SNES | Levelup

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An important part of the experience that many players had during the era of 2D was in the possibility of imagining those huge and detailed worlds in 3D, of course with nothing to claim because they were wonderful years for gaming and we only looked to the future with a change of perspective and improvements in technological advancement. Today, curiously, some choose to turn to the past, think how contemporary titles would look if they had been released in 16-bit and a group of enthusiasts did the same with BioShock Infinite.

BioShock Infinite SNES-style

Those responsible for the YouTube channel 64 Bits, passionate about retro, revealed material from their recent project, which consists of creating current game scenes with an audiovisual style typical of the 16-bit era. On this occasion, it was the turn of BioShock Infinite, the work of Irrational Games under the direction of Ken Levine that led us to a paradise built in the sky, Columbia, by the so-called Prophet Zachary Hale Comstock in a series of events that precede what we experience in Rapture.

This demake version of BioShock Infinite picks up the initial meeting between Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth in Columbia. According to the 64 Bit team, this material took design inspiration from classic SNES games like Indiana Jones Y Clock Tower, considered one of the best seen on the Nintendo console and that I know how to take advantage of its potential.

Since we talked about BioShock It is worth remembering that the new installment of the franchise is in development and although we have not seen any progress, there are rumors that it will take place during the 60s in a new paradise on Earth that would have been built in Antarctica.

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