Wednesday, June 29

These are the PS Plus games of January 2022 officially confirmed

Sony has confirmed a few minutes ago the first PS Plus games that will be available to subscribers of the service in 2022 and that they are exactly the same ones that were discovered just a week ago in a leak that was completely right.

From Tuesday, January 4 From 2022 we will be able to redeem and enjoy at no additional cost (beyond the subscription to PS +) these three titles:

Reviewing a little the theme of the games that come to us this month, Persona 5 Strikers is an action role-playing game that takes place after the events that occurred in Persona 5 while Dirt 5 is an acquaintance driving arcade by Codemasters and Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative shooter ideal for these family dates.

In addition, as always, PlayStation Spain supports the talent of video game development in Spain by granting us a extra game of the month that this time will be ION Driver, an intergalactic racing game available for fans of speed on PlayStation 4.

PS Plus games in 2021 were worth a total of $ 1,400

It seems that Sony is going to launch in style in 2022 with three very interesting games (plus the small native indie) while it says goodbye to 2021 with a positive balance on PS Plus, handing out 40 games with a total value of $ 1,400 (without taking into account the Spanish indies that come to our country as an extra), which have an average price of $ 35 and an average score in 2021 of 7,3.

What do you think of the games included in PS Plus for the month of January 2022?

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