Friday, November 25

The real arcade featured in The Last of Us Part 2 closes

The Last of Us Parte 2 takes place in many locations based on buildings and streets of real cities, like Seattle, that were transformed to adopt a more dilapidated and abandoned style. One of the battles that many players remember takes place in an arcade hall where Ellie must face a wave of infected in an area full of arcades; In the last few days, the company that inspired the Naughty Dog game for PS4 has announced that it is closing its doors.

GameWorks Seattle, which is what this arcade room was called, confirmed that has not been able to overcome the crisis of the last two years, since the COVID-19 pandemic has affected this type of premises due to the restrictions imposed. In fact it is not a specific problem of the premises in Seattle, Kotaku has also reported downtown closing in Las Vegas: GameWorks rolls down the blind in every city.

GameWorks ya haba sido accused of mismanagement for some years And the pandemic was the last push the business needed to shut down. On the other hand, cinemas, which have also suffered this crisis enormously, trust that the storm will pass sooner or later – and some recent premiere reassures these companies.

It was founded in 1996 by several well-known companies

GameWorks has been a place for video game lovers to come together and was founded 25 years ago by none other than DreamWorks, Sega and Universal Studios, when the arcade halls were still in good health. It has been used for some electronic sports competitions, mainly fighting games. Now many fans of these machines want to preserve the recreational, new and old, as there are some little gems from the 90s difficult to find in other salons.

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