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The Matrix 4: 10 Best Quotes

From Bugs’s observation of the illusion of choice to the Analyst’s villainous monologue, these are the best lines from The Matrix Resurrections.

Although the franchise has been inactive for the past 18 years, Matrix Movies have been some of the most quotable additions to pop culture in recent history. The new movie The Matrix resurrections, lives up to these expectations by offering a host of self-conscious and memorable lines.

The film offers some insightful reflections on the nature of humanity, such as Bugs’s observation of the illusion of choice and the Analyst’s wicked monologue on human nature. Additionally, the meta story also lends itself to lines about storytelling and sequels like Smith’s conversation with Neo about creating a new Headquarters continuation.

Errors in choosing between the pills

“The election is an illusion. You already know what you have to do ”.

When Bugs offers Morpheus a blue pill or a red pill, she recalls her own experience initially discovering the truth about the Matrix and receiving the same offer to search for the truth or return to her false reality, prompting her to deliver this line. .

For characters like Bugs and Morpheus, once they have realized the deepest truth about existence, they could never be satisfied with re-living a lie. In a franchise about enlightenment and self-discovery, this quote speaks to the powerful nature of truth.

Smith in the resistance of stories

“That’s what happens with stories; they never really end, right? “

In the illusion of the Matrix, Neo lives as game designer Thomas Anderson, best known for his work on the Headquarters trilogy of games. His boss, Smith, informs him that they will make a fourth Headquarters even though the story of the original trilogy ended.

The line serves as a self-reflective analysis of Hollywood’s habit of constantly revisiting the same stories and characters over and over again. The scene goes beyond the ridiculous reboots and remakes and instead highlights the inherent human instinct to gravitate towards the familiar.

Developer on Matrix Influence

“What made the Matrix different? He threw himself with his head ”.

As the team of video game designers begin to meet to brainstorm a new Headquarters game, they begin by trying to analyze what made the original trilogy so successful and innovative. They observe that beyond the visual and the bullet time, it is the philosophy of Headquarters That made it a game changer.

Fans were excited to see how The Matrix: Resurrecciones would continue with the original trilogy, and although reception for the film has been divided, the filmmakers clearly understood that Matrix It’s always been more about philosophy and messages about humanity than about martial arts and action sequences.

Morpheus on the consolation of nostalgia

“Nothing comforts anxiety like a little nostalgia.”

When Neo begins to realize that something is wrong with his reality, he begins to have flashbacks of the original trilogy, building up to the moment when the new Morpheus meets him as video clips of the original Morpheus play in the background.

Neo created the new Morpheus in his modal to resemble the original Morpheus because he could better receive information that breaks the worldview of the great original. Headquarters character who first offered him the red pill. On a deeper level, the quote is indicative of people’s natural fondness for nostalgia and the role nostalgia plays in providing comfort and stability in times of uncertainty.

Niobe on ongoing wars

“Nothing can generate violence like scarcity.”

Once Neo emerges from the Matrix and returns to the real world, Niobe helps him catch up on everything that has been lost in the last 60 years. As part of this, he explains that some of the machines have turned against each other while competing for resources.

Niobe is an underrated character from the original. Headquarters trilogy and seeing her realize that a world without war is possible is a satisfying development in her story. The quote also shows that machines are no better than humans, eventually resorting to fighting with themselves as humanity used to do. The idea of ​​the machines turning to each other rather than acting as a monolith is a compelling addition to the canon that will hopefully be further developed in the future.

Neo on his insecurities

“What if I can’t be what I was?”

After 60 years of absence and accumulation, Neo discovers that his legend has grown and people have dedicated their lives to studying it. With all this expectation and pressure, Neo can’t help but wonder whether or not he is capable of reverting to his previous form.

Neo has always been one of Keanu Reeves’ best characters, but this movie makes him more empathetic and vulnerable than he has been since the first movie. For fans who have grown up with the franchise and are now in a different stage of life than when the first movie came out, Neo’s question is incredibly relatable.

Neo in his aspirations

“At some point, I think I stopped looking for something real.”

Given Neo’s incredible power and everything he goes through in the original trilogy, it’s somewhat surprising that he then spends the next 60 years trapped in the Matrix without finding a way out. However, Neo reveals how the Matrix status quo ultimately destroys people.

While the movies have explored the stories of those taking the red pill, this quote from Neo shows the crippling impact of choosing to remain in the mediocrity of the blue pill. Thematically, it talks about how routine and monotony can slowly wear away a person’s ambition and individuality.

The sentiment analyst vs. Facts

“Here’s the problem with feelings: they are much easier to control than facts.”

In the big reveal that Thomas Anderson’s therapist is the Analyst who helped build this new version of The Matrix, monologue on how he has designed the system specifically to manipulate Neo and Trinity by playing their emotion rather than worrying about facts like the Architect. . made.

This observation about human psychology and how people care more about their perception of the world than facts is timely. It’s a terrifying and relevant articulation about one of humanity’s weaknesses that leaves people open to manipulation.

Neo on his belief in the Trinity

“I never believed that I was the one. But she did. She believed in me. It’s my turn to believe in her. “

Before the group’s attempt to save Trinity, Neo explains why he is willing to risk everything to save her by stating the important role she has played in his life and how he owes him the same level of belief and sacrifice as her. showed him.

In many ways, the movie is about Neo and Trinity, which implies that Neo can’t be the one without Trinity. This line shows the power of their connection and the heartwarming reason she is so important to him.

Trinity remembering who she really is

“My name is Trinity and you better get your hands off me.”

Spending most of the movie stuck in the Matrix living as Tiffany, Neo is finally able to remind Trinity of who she really is right before the movie’s climax. She embraces her true identity and helps Neo take on the Analyst and his swarm of programs.

This revealing moment is a poignant scene in which the audience finally gets to see the Trinity they know and love. The film increases its importance in the tradition of Matrix and the sequence that follows this line elevates its power to a new level, making this moment a turning point for the entire franchise going forward.

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