Tuesday, November 29

The irrevocable principle of a girl in ‘First Dates’: “I do not go out with married men”




Yaila, a 31-year-old Venezuelan waitress living in Alicante but who works in Denia and is a mother, has come to ‘First Dates’ Searching for love. Your appointment has been Marco Antonio, a 32-year-old real estate commercial from Alicante who has been married for three and a half years to a Venezuelan woman with whom he is processing a separation and with whom he has not had children because his ex-wife could not be parents.

The first impression of both has been very positive. TO Yaila she liked that he was blond, blue-eyed and taller than her. TO Marco Antonio, her lips painted in passion red, her eyes, her hair and her elegance when it comes to dressing. The initial good feelings that the two have had have been confirmed later during dinner until the Venezuelan has discovered a detail of the Alicante that has led her to make a drastic decision.

After Marco Antonio has opened the door to adopting a child if you cannot have children, Yaila You have asked him about relationships he has had in the past. “I am still on the issue of divorce because it is being a bit complicated,” the commercial replied. An answer that has stopped the waitress. “Call me prejudiced, but technically he is married and I do not go out with married men,” she confessed alone before the cameras.

Said and done. In the final decision of Yaila The fact that your date is not yet legally divorced has weighed more heavily than anything else. “I will have a second date with Yaila. I like her eyes, I like her lips, I like her smile, I like her hair, I like her height, I like the way she dressed … I feel comfortable with her,” he said. Marco Antonio.

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“I won’t have a second date. Marco Antonio has delighted me because he’s tall, he’s handsome, he’s blond, with blue eyes … He’s made for me. Besides, we hit it off, but he has a pending issue that he has to solve.” pointed out Yaila, who then went to Marco Antonio: “Let’s be honest, technically you are still married and it is my irrevocable principle not to date married men.”

“All I have left to do to get divorced is to sign a document. I’m still married bureaucratically, but sentimentally I don’t feel anything,” he explained. Marco Antonio. “Well, when you sign the paper you call me,” he said. Yaila before leaving the two separately the restaurant of love of ‘First Dates’.


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