Thursday, June 30

The ghosts of Yuoni, now available in physical format • Console and Dashboard

The horror game Yuoni It already has a physical format on PlayStation 5, from the hand of Meridiem Games, Tricore Inc and Chorus Worldwide Games. It resorts to the first person and a tragic story.


This physical version, already available, comes under the title Yuoni: Sunset Edition. It consists of the game and a set of postcards. The content is kept in a special box.

We will enter a first-person horror adventure, based on a tragic story. Its protagonist is Ai, a primary school student who realizes that she is not alone. Is Japan in the 1990s.

Faced with this situation, she will be involved in a ghost story. He will have to participate in children’s games in an endless sunset, with his life in constant danger. Natural entities begin to be reflected in the real world. In the face of these horrors and abominations, there are only three options: hide, run or die.

The collected objects will help us to escape from this hell. Or, at least, to try. Memory will also play an important role, since if we forget the paths we have taken, we can be trapped forever.

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