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The best reboot of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre would follow the 2003 remake

The upcoming sequel to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre will once again ignore everything except the 1974 film, but the focus of the series should follow the 2003 remake.

The next The massacre in Texas The sequel will once again ignore everything except the 1974 original, but this is why the series’ best option is to follow the 2003 remake. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is considered one of the best horror movies ever, with director Tobe Hooper creating a sweaty and haunting nightmare that’s hard to get rid of. Hooper would return many years later to The Texas Massacre 2, with this sequel that pits Dennis Hopper’s crazed attorney against Leatherface and his family.

Hooper knew he would never get over the visceral terror of the first movie, so The Texas Massacre 2 it is instead a bloody horror comedy. While horror franchises like Hallowe’en can have confusing continuities, The massacre in Texas It might have the messiest timeline of all. Between multiple remakes and reboots, it is impossible to match the events of each entry, while many The massacre in Texas movies often choose to ignore everything but Hooper’s incomparable original.

That’s why the next sequel to Legacy The massacre in Texas will do the same and features a group of characters who meet Leatherface decades after the 1974 film. You will also be following the Hallowe’en Formula 2018, and how that sequel featured the return of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, the sole survivor of the first The massacre in Texas Sally Hardesty (Olwen Fouéré) will come face to face (Leather) with her torturer again. The problem is, almost all of the sequels have rated themselves new and only reference the original, but the best course for the franchise would be a 2003 sequel. The massacre in Texas, which ranks as one of the best franchise outlets.

2003 The massacre in Texas The remake was understandably divisive when it was announced. The reviews at the time of release weren’t kind either, especially Roger Ebert’s scathing assessment, but over time the film has found fans for its relentless tone, excellent cinematography, and R. Lee Ermey’s terrifying supporting villain. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The remake is also the most profitable for the series, spawning a prequel three years later that filled in some narrative gaps. The film ended with Jessica Biel’s hero escaping, having cut off one of Leatherface’s arms, while the cannibal himself was set free.

The massacre in Texas 2003 in many ways sparked the horror movie remake craze of that decade, but it’s held up pretty well and found the murderous villain Leatherface in arguably the scariest since the first movie. If nothing else, it certainly is one of the best entries in the The massacre in Texas series in recent years, and a better reboot of the franchise would explore what happened after the remake. The film left several narrative threads hanging, and it would be very intriguing to see Jessica Biel (The sinner) returns to the horror genre for another encounter with Leatherface. This inherited sequel approach also outperforms another The massacre in Texas That only follows from the 1974 movie, only to completely pale in comparison to it.

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