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The best April Fools from board game publishers • Console and Board

Board game publishers don’t just congratulate Christmas. They take advantage of December 28, the day of Innocent saints, to play the odd joke on the players.

We walk through the networks in search of the most ingenious, which we collect in this special. They may not all be particularly credible, but they do make us laugh. What was your favorite? Did you believe one?


Some XXXL dinosaurs

A dream come true. This is how we could qualify the April Fool of Zacatrus! The publisher announced a Draftosaurus XXL, with five-meter wooden dinosaurs, flexible boards and an inflatable dice.

The best? It would also be available in XXXL. Worst? Transportation is not included as we would have to go find it and find a way to get it home. The price of this park in real size tamposo would be, precisely, cheap.

MicroMacro Carcassonne

MicroMacro: Crime City – Carcassonne Edition

Two successful board games came together on April Fools’ Day. If only for a little while. MicroMacro: Crime City – Carcassonne Edition It was the April Fool of SD Games. The publisher promised 16 new cases set in the city of Carcassonne.

Tim Burton

Tim Burton in La Fallera Calavera

“Attention! Tim Burton to direct an animated film by La Fallera Calavera«. This is how Zombi Paella gave this news, with great detail. The English version, The Deadly Paella, would have the voice of Johnny Depp in the role of Jaume I. For his part, Alcaldessa Perpètua would have the voice of Xavi Castillo in the Valencian version.

There is still more: the paella would be adapted from the American vision, believing that this dish comes from Mexico. Thus, it would include spicy chorizo ​​and basmati rice. Now, we have been wanting to see something like this …

pineapple omelette

The pineapple of discord

Tranjis Games wants to spark even more discussion. After positioning itself in favor of the onion in the tortilla, by Spanish omelette: The Game, the publisher would introduce the pineapple in the second edition of the game. A sweet touch never hurts, does it?


Bimbo, a luxury sponsor

At Amphora Games, responsible for Pandemain: Tradicional Farmers Bread, they understand bread. Yesterday, they decided that they would team up with Pan Bimbo, encouraging us to ask for our primer at the supermarket. For the modest amount of one hundred stamps, we would receive our game. With bark?

April Fools Board Games

A delicious sandwich!

Continuing with the food, MixinGames announced the physical format of Sandwich Battle! Already available for free download, it would hit stores in January 2022.

It would follow the essence of the original, adding a deck of cards that, in turn, we could add to Catchup & Mousetard: Fast Food Battle! The publisher has confessed that, although it could work very well, for now it does not fit into their plans. A shame!

April Fools Board Games

Cryptocurrencies in board games

Everyone talks about cryptocurrencies. Do they create millionaires? Are they a wreck? While society debates it, Edge announces its particular cryptocurrency. Under the ingenious title of Necronomicoin, we knew a coin for shopping. Of course, on the publisher’s website.

In turn, it would serve to assist in the arrival of the Ancient Ones. By mining, we would participate in a cyclopean collective ritual, which would involve the elimination of barriers between dimensions. Thus, the masters and lords would return, in order to enslave us all and destroy the universe. What more do we want? By subscribing to the ‘newsletter’, we would get a penny as a gift … Or maybe not?

April Fools Board Games

Devir’s T-shirts

Devir took advantage of yesterday (coincidentally) to announce a new line of products within his editorial: t-shirts. Under the title Devir Style, we saw clothes with the covers of Bitoku, Castle Party, Sïlk, The Red Cathedral Y Paris: The City of Light, among other games. Maybe they will come one day …

April Fools Board Games

A very special edition of Unmatched

TCG Factory announced a new edition of Unmatched, one of his most successful titles. After convincing the creators, they would launch a “very limited and super exclusive” box, destined for the Spanish market.

Two new heroes would join the asymmetrical battles. On the one hand, we would have Gonzalo, the editorial director. On the other, Rubén, the person in charge of communication. Which one will be the strongest? His assistants remained to be confirmed …

April Fools Board Games

The best draw in the world

Eclipse Editorial and Omen Games organized yesterday what would probably be one of the best giveaways in the world. Coinciding with the campaign in Verkami from Turbo Town, the publishers raffled a van among all those who hit the series to which it belonged. So that later they say that board games do not give money … The resolution date? February 30th.

A very special interview

EsdJuegos interviews, exclusively, some of the most important actors and actresses in Hollywood (without forgetting a beloved director). They all talk about The Dungeon Master and of Vegetasaurus Rex, plays of this same stamp, with its approaches and its impressions. Of course, humor is not lacking.


Beatification, why not?

What is perhaps one of the most credible April Fools comes from Cerebrer Games. Not because of the game itself, but because of the diverse topics that the publishing house touches on: madhouses, organ trafficking, prisons …

In Beatification, from 2 to 4 players would compete to be the person with the most humanitarian work and, incidentally, to achieve beatification upon death. We would have to fulfill the work of God, completing missions in poor countries, obtaining papal favors and through mystical revelations. Ultimately, it was going to be “the only game approved by the Vatican.”

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