Wednesday, July 6

The adaptive triggers of the PS5 DualSense can now be configured with an app for iOS

Sony launched PlayStation 5 more than a year ago with its new controller, the DualSense, one of its main attractions thanks to technologies such as hepatic feedback or adaptive triggers that have not been slow to use some games, allowing us, for example, to feel a weapon jam or the fatigue of our players during a basketball game.

Now, thanks to a new app for iOS devices call PS5 Controller Trigger Test, we will be able get even more If the new controller that comes with our PS5 fits, since thanks to this app we will be able to adjust different parameters such as light or, what is more important, customize those adaptive triggers.

Those of you who have a iPhone or iPad, to use PS5 Controller Trigger Test you will first have to pair the DualSense remote with your device and, after this, you can use various functions of this application highlighting the be able to adjust the sensitivity and travel of these triggers to our liking in addition to testing the optical feedback, checking the battery life and even changing the color of the led light on the remote.

An app created to give players more possibilities

PS5 Controller Trigger Test ha sido created by Rihab Mehboob who has published it in the App Store to a price of $ 1.99. The reason for creating it, according to Rihab himself, is as much for the games that do not use this feature of the controller as those that do but do not give the option of giving players the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the triggers to their liking.

In addition, this application is also compatible with MAC devices as long as they have the Apple M1 chip and, in the future, Rihab does not rule out publishing it also for Android so that users of the Google operating system can also use it.

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