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Star Wars Eclipse may not arrive until 2027 according to an insider

The Game Awards 2021 It took place at the beginning of December and left us the most surprising announcements, starting very strong with the gameplay of Hellblade 2 and with the surprise announcement of Star Wars: Eclipse which instantly became one of the trends of the event and one of the most anticipated games of the next few years, especially by fans of Star Wars.

However, it seems that it will be better if we lower our expectations a bit since Quantic Dream, in charge of bringing it to life, already confirmed shortly after its presentation that was in an early stage of its development, something that rules out its launch in 2022 and probably 2023 as well.

Development problems and a release date that may go to 2027

Just a couple of days ago Tom Henderson, a insider of the industry that has already successfully published several leaks related to various video games, has published a video to talk about the state of Star Wars: Eclipse that already it will take 18 months of development Although various problems with Quantic Dream when it comes to bringing it to life would have meant that there was not even a minimally playable version.

According to Henderson, the game may not be ready for at least the next four years and could even go to early 2027 depending on whether Quantic Dream encounters other obstacles when it comes to bringing it to life.

Remember that Star Wars Eclipse is, according to Quantic Dream itself, your most ambitious project so far and it is the first video game of Star Wars that will take place in a unknown area of ​​the Outer Rim, during the era of the Upper Republic known to be the golden age of the Jedi. As is customary in the games in this study, decision-making will be of great importance throughout the game, although this is a game with more playable possibilities and, according to various rumors, it has been inspired by The Last of Us and it will also have multiplayer.

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