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Sony confirms that Spider-Man: No Way Home is its most successful movie | Levelup

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There is no doubt that the most anticipated film of 2021 and recent times was Spider-Man: No Way Home, the production that would close the superhero trilogy starring British actor Tom Holland. Well, we have already told you that the film has met the expectations of the fans, but also those at the box office and today Sony has just confirmed a great achievement that the project brought to the company.

In its premiere days, Spider-Man: No Way Home had generated an immense amount of money at the box office, which made it the best-debut film in North America, behind only Avengers: Endgame.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home It is the most successful film of Sony Pictures

The resounding success is evident; However, just today Sony Pictures confirmed that Spider-Man: No Way Home It has just become the most successful film production in its history, as the film has already exceeded the box office money it generated Spider-Man: Far From Home.

according to the information (via Comic Book), the earnings of Spider-Man: No Way Home In its first 12 days they have been $ 516.4 million in North America and $ 644.9 million in the rest of the world, so internationally it has already generated $ 1.16 million, leaving behind Spider-Man: Far From Home, that in the same period generated $ 1.13 MMDD and that until then had been the most successful film of Sony Pictures.

Although several days have passed since its premiere, Spider-Man: No Way Home continues to generate incredible amounts of box office revenue. For example, yesterday, Tuesday, December 28, the film managed to get more than $ 28.4 million worldwide, a figure that contributed to the $ 1.16 million registered until December 28.

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