Sunday, June 26

Salt and Sanctuary disponible gratis para PC en Epic Games Store

Epic Games continues with its tremendous campaign of Christmas offers thanks to which PC players have been able to redeem a free game for days from 17:00 in Spain, finding titles of all kinds such as Control The Moving Out.

Today’s chosen one, Wednesday December 29, is Salt and Sanctuary, the popular work by Ska Studios LLC and Devoured Studios LLC that was launched in 2016 and can usually be found at a price of 13.99 euros but, thanks to this initiative by Epic, now we can get free and add the game to our library on the Epic Games Store.

In our original review of Salt and Sanctuary we already talked at length about the benefits of a game that is clearly inspired by Dark Souls since “You can see that its two developers are big fans of From Software’s work and they understand perfectly what they like so much about it, which has allowed them to transfer all that good work to a two-dimensional plane in the best possible way. As a consequence we have a game which is not particularly original, but it is great fun, long and challenging. As soon as you like Metroidvania or the Souls saga, here you will find an adventure with which you will be sure and that will keep you trapped from the beginning to the end“.

Remember, you also have a coupon with a 10 euro discount

As we always do when we share with you the free game of the day from the Epic Games Store, we remind you that if you have redeemed any title during these days or are debuting with Salt and Sanctuary podis get a 10 euro coupon discount that you can redeem in the purchase of any video game with A price of over 14.99.

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