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Rumor has it that Apple’s iPhone 14 Max could be my go-to phone in 2022

One of the biggest problems IMHO with the iPhone 13 is the lack of a high refresh rate display. Unlike the 120Hz LTPO panel on the iPhone 13 Pro models, the standard iPhone 13 mini and are stuck at a glacial 60Hz; this is irritating as many of the best Android phones have 90Hz displays.

But that could change with the rumored iPhone 14 Max, supposedly a larger variant of what will be the next-gen standard iPhone. While this phone is not likely to get the camera features of the iPhone 13 Pro models, it has been tipped for a 120Hz display, at least according to The Elec ‘s supply chain sources.

LG will purportedly be the supplier of these 120Hz LTPO displays, although it was not mentioned that the standard iPhone 14 has such a display. This would be strange, as it would create a further divide in the next-gen iPhone lineup if one iPhone 14 has a 60Hz display while the other has a 120Hz panel alongside what is expected to be a pair of Pro phones; iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Speaking of Pro phones, they’ve also leaned for 120Hz displays, which isn’t a surprise since both current-gen iPhone 13 Pro models have high-refresh rate displays. But the iPhone 14 Pro screen will reportedly be made by Samsung, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max will also have access to the screens made by LG.

This all sounds like some supply chain complexities, no doubt with Apple trying to plan ahead for the disruption in component production caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, this rumor has made the idea of ​​an iPhone 14 Max much more appealing to me.

IPhone 14 Max de 120 Hz

(Image credit: Front Page Tech | Renders by Ian)

Currently, I am using the iPhone 13 Pro for work. It’s a great phone and one of our picks for the best phones you can buy today, but I’m not sure I would get it myself.

It’s a bit pricey for a phone that still has a notch. And while the cameras are brilliant, I don’t think the addition of a telephoto camera that the Pro phone brings to the table is a compelling reason to get an iPhone 13 Pro instead of the standard iPhone 13.

However, after a couple of years using Android phones with high refresh rate displays, the iPhone 13’s 60Hz display is simply too jarring for me to go back to.

But if Apple makes a cheaply priced iPhone with a stellar pair of rear cameras and a 120Hz display, I can see that that is very attractive to me, as well as others; It could also be a cheaper way to get a big-screen iPhone without paying more than $ 1,000. Combined, those two features could make the iPhone 14 Max one of my most anticipated phones for 2022.

One setback is that current rumors claim that only the iPhone 14 Pro models will get a notch-less display, with Apple opting for a punch-hole selfie camera. But these are the early days of iPhone 14 rumors, so take this with some skepticism.

As for the overall forecast for the iPhone 14 range, you can expect to see a revamped design, potentially one that reduces the size of the rear camera module, a form of Touch ID under the display, and camera updates seemingly more in the way. front of the sensor. than the camera count.

Given that there will likely be a reveal in September, we have some time to wait before we have more concrete ideas on what updates the iPhone 14 will have. In the meantime, it seems likely that the rumored iPhone SE 3 will arrive next year before the iPhone. iPhone 14.

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