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Rewind Hispano 2021, the viral video with lots of nods to video games

Every year it was customary to see the typical Rewind oficial de YouTube in which the Google video platform did a review of the best of the year focusing particularly on the United States, with a lot of cameos from celebrities and the most curious data until, due to various circumstances, it decided to cancel it.

However, the format has not died since for years Alecmolon been making his own Rewind Hispano which, as its name suggests, leaves out English speakers for focus on reviewing the careers of the most important Spanish-speaking content creators in a video that always has many good ones tributes to video games.

Without going any further this year thanks to events like Egoland, Tortillaland or Arkadia that have taken place in 2021 we can see references of Rust, Minecraft The Ark, as well as guides to other video games such as PUBG The Clash Royale to give you a couple of examples.

As for the invited creators, in the video some figures appear who have wanted to collaborate in the project by supporting it financially as Grefg, Jordi Wild or Ibai, as well as other creators like Cristini and even various personalities like Messi, Piqu or Josep Pedrerol:

A great year for Spanish-speaking streamers

Looking back on 2021, the truth is that the world of streamers and videogames are increasingly linked, giving rise to trends such as the resurgence of Ark for Egoland or the explosion in popularity of New World, Amazon’s MMO.

As for the creators of our country, Auronplay has been the most successful among the 5 most watched streamers in the world and, focusing on Spanish-speaking creators, it is Rubius and Ibai who will accompany him on the podium.

What do you think of the Rewind Hispano 2021?

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