Saturday, June 25

Nintendo Switch will continue with stock problems during 2022

Manufacturing problems from the semiconductor or chip crisis continue until at least 2023, according to major manufacturers. The case of Nintendo Switch will be no different and the president of the company, Shuntaro Furukawa, has ensured that the problems will continue to be present during the first months of 2022: “It depends on the demand, but as we fear, we will not be able to produce as many as we want.”

The comment appears in the Kyoto Shimbun newspaper, where Furukawa blames this shortage and logistical problems in meeting demand. As we tell you in our article dedicated to the problem of stock, a perfect storm has been created between a growth in demand due to the new entertainment habits imposed by the pandemic – more domestic leisure and therefore video games – and by the decrease in the manufacture of chips necessary for all kinds of electronic items: consoles, graphics cards, cars and more. virtually any smart device.

This supply shortage is also suffered by PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, which since their launch in November 2020 cannot be purchased normally in a store. Takeshi Kamebuchi, director in charge of semiconductors at Toshiba, assured that the supply of chips will be tight until at least September 2022: “In some cases, some clients may not receive full services until 2023.”. Intel also calculates one more year until supply normalizes, although AMD believes it could be a little earlier, in the second half of 2022.

TSMC manufactures 24% of all chips on the market

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company manufactures 24% of all chips on the market, a percentage that increases to 90% if only the most advanced semiconductors are taken into account. New factories are opening, but will not be operational until 2024, hence there is no quick and easy solution at this time.

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