Wednesday, June 29

Nintendo president warns that the Switch could be in short supply in 2022

The tech industry has had a hard time for the past 18 months. Between the pandemic and the ongoing semiconductor shortage, supply problems have been apparent for a while. Whether it’s the new generation of consoles or hard-to-find computer parts, the problems don’t seem to go away any time soon. Nintendo, for a long time, seemed to be avoiding the worst, but now it seems that even the Japanese gaming giant is not immune.

The company announced in November that it had to cut production of the Switch due to chip shortages, but even that couldn’t prevent it from selling more than a million units in that month alone. However, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa announced this week that the supply of Switch consoles may begin to stagnate in 2022 as a result of semiconductor shortages and “confusion in logistics.”

The company already had to do everything possible to meet the demand for the console in the US and European markets this Christmas season. In those areas, where supply chain problems continue to wreak havoc, Nintendo had to coordinate the delivery of its shares by air and rail – something that is unlikely to work as a long-term solution if supply problems persist. global.

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