Saturday, June 25

Logan Paul destroys 15 Game Boys with resin and receives thousands of criticisms

The youtuber, actor and semi-professional boxer Logan Paul has put Nintendo fans on the warpath with his latest occurrence. Paul proudly displayed his latest idea on TikTok and Twitter: a tribute to Pokémon table including 15 Game Boy Colors covered in resin. The cabinet, which includes LED lights, has not achieved the effect that its author could wish for, since many users of social networks have been criticized for the destruction of these laptops from the 90s.

Among these Game Boy we find a limited edition of Pokémon and a Game Boy Color Dandelion. And of course, for many players disabling these portable relics is sacrilege, especially when there are less aggressive options to decorate the table with the Game Boy or even the possibility of using similar-looking replicas but without the electronic part. “Smashing hardware is wrong on A LOT of levels,” reads one of the posts on Twitter.

Has also received some support

It’s fair to acknowledge that not all comments are negative. There are also messages that emphasize that at least the result is “nice”, that He can do whatever he wants with the laptops he has purchased, or simply believe that the reaction of the players has been somewhat disproportionate.

As a curiosity, these days we have known that Game Boy was close to having a peripheral that we did not know until now: Page Boy. This device, quite advanced for its time, used radio waves to connect to the Internet and had a search engine called “Ask Mario” that allowed players to hear Mario’s voice while searching the network.

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