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LEGO set featuring Sonic the Hedgehog launches January 1

Even if Sonic I turned 30 this 2021 ending, 2022 will be an important year for the Sega mascot. New 3D adventure with Sonic Frontiers, second live-action movie and new merchandising products starting the same January 1 with a LEGO set inspired by Green Hill Zone, the mythical first phase of the original game. Its price will be 69.99 euros and can now be booked at the official page.

This building game was born on Lego Ideas, the LEGO program where anyone can submit their ideas for a vote. Then, if it meets a set of requirements and rights negotiations don’t prevent it, it becomes a reality. Ideas of Zelda, Metroid The Animal Crossing they did not pass this cut, but the game of Sonic s, and offer 1125 pieces plus various figures representing Sonic, Eggman and robotic enemies of the phase -Moto Bug, Crabmeat-. There are some mechanisms, rings and power-ups and even a collection with Chaos Emeralds to decorate the stage that we can create: a looping and a small bridge over the water.

Of course this not the first collaboration between LEGO and Sonic, even outside of physical toys. In 2016 Lego Dimensions It included the Sega mascot accompanied by various figures with Sonic, a car and an airplane.

An idea by Viv Grannell

“Viv Grannell, the LEGO fan, is passionate about Sonic and saw the opportunity to create a dedicated LEGO set. They submitted their design to the LEGO Ideas platform, a LEGO initiative that allows fans to create designs that are then voted on by the wider LEGO fan community. The proposal reached the 10,000 necessary votes for the LEGO team to consider to make it happen, “says Sega.

LEGO Sonic set released in January

Sam Johnson, LEGO designer, took on the challenge of turning the concept into a LEGO set. Speaking of the ensemble, Sam states that “anyone who has enjoyed video games at any level in the last 30 years knows and adores Sonic, and has probably toured the unforgettable Green Hill area. “The LEGO team has” filled the set with lots of hidden surprises and even prizes for fans to be able to see. enjoy some of your most beloved game icons in a whole new way“.

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