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It’s official! Junji Ito to participate in the Uzumaki anime | Levelup

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One of the projects that has caused the most expectation in the world of anime is the adaptation of the manga Uzumaki, a horror play created by the Japanese genius Junji Ito. Unfortunately, the pandemic and the difficulties caused by the health crisis have delayed production, but it continues to advance in its wake and a teaser was just published that already moved the fans as it confirms that Junji Ito himself will participate.

Junji Ito will voice his voice in the anime Uzumaki

Through the official Twitter account of the anime of Uzumaki, the team responsible for the adaptation revealed that Junji Ito, horror mangaka and creator of this work, will be part of the adaptation. The video shows some members of the Production IG, LLC team, who are in charge of the anime, sharing their thoughts on how much people like Junji Ito’s work. Immediately afterwards, the mangaka appears on a recording set, although it is not possible to know about the dialogue he recorded and the character for whom he will lend his voice.

The expectation for the anime of Uzumaki It is not surprising, since it is one of the most important works of Junji Ito that was published every week from August 1998 to September 1999, telling the story of the inhabitants of the fictional city of Kurouzu-cho on which weighs a curse that involves spirals capable of distorting reality and its perception.

Junji Ito’s career has earned him recognition as one of the best mangaka and an authority when talking about horror works to the extent that he was part of the enormous hype that existed for Silent Hills as he responded to the call of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro to participate in the project, although he could not create something before the abrupt cancellation by Konami.

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