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Gamers and NFL Fans Say Goodbye to John Madden | Levelup

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Sad news broke yesterday afternoon: John Madden, an NFL legend and a key figure in the existence of the Electronic Arts sports game franchise, passed away at age 85. His departure not only had a great impact on the sports field, as the gaming community also recognized his career and took the opportunity to say goodbye.

The analyst was also fundamental for the growth of the professional American football league in the United States and for the creation of Madden, a game franchise that bears his name. Fans of the series, supporters of the NFL and members of the industry spoke about his accomplishments across the board, his legacy and mourning his passing.

The community said goodbye to John Madden and celebrated his legacy

Gamers used social media to remember how the football game franchise started. It all started in 1988 with the launch of John Madden Football, the original Apple II title that laid the foundations for what would become one of the most successful annual series.

The ProFootballTalk Twitter account invited fans to remember their favorite Madden game in honor of the NFL legend. Some went back to the good old days when they enjoyed Madden 95, Madden 2005, among other more recent games. While other fans stuck to the original title.

The official NFL account also highlighted the importance that Madden had in video games, as he published an image with all the covers of the franchise, from its first installment to the most current.

“More than a game,” was the brief message the NFL wrote. On the other hand, some players made a special request to Electronic Arts: see the coach and commentator on the cover of Madden 23. Many were enthusiastic about the idea, so they hope the study will make it possible.

We at LEVEL UP wish John Madden have peace on his final break. We also send our condolences to his family and loved ones.

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