Sunday, December 4

Game presents GAME GIFT, its line of products ideal for gifts

Offered by Game

Game, one of the video game store chains and merchandising most popular in Spain, continues to offer us new products, video games and options to present our loved ones this Christmas or when a special occasion arrives.

Thinking about this precisely, today Game announces us GAME GIFT, a series of products that are specially designed to give away, finding all kinds of details in this category such as lamps and LED strips to illuminate the room, robots, loudspeakers or remote-controlled cars.

Gifts for all audiences with Game Gift

A little further down you will be able to find several of the products that are available within the Game Gift category that have gift ideas for all tastes. If you want, you can discover them all from this link.

  • Air Shot por 24,95.
  • Wireless Water Show Speakers for 29.95.
  • Laptop Tray for 29.95.
  • Sound Reactive USB LED LIGHT Bar for 17.95.
  • Wall Climbing RC Car: Azul Metlico by 24.95.
  • Tablet cushion for 17.95.
  • Notebook with Magic Wand for 9.95.
  • Marvel 3D Wall Lamp: Captain America for 34.95.
  • Lmpara A5 “Gaming in Progress” por 14,95.
  • Jellyfish Tank Lava Lamp for 19.95.
  • Lmpara USB “On Air” por 19,95.
  • USB Disco Ball lamp for 14.95.
  • Pet Prize Launcher for 5.95.
  • Miniature Voice Modulator for 6.95.
  • Giant Anti-Stress Ball for 6.95.
  • Poster Scratch: 100 Horror Movies for 9.95.
  • Robot Tribe 3 in 1 for 34.95.
  • Flexible Clip phone holder for 8.95.
  • 5 Meter LED Strip with Control App for 29.95.
  • Viking Horn Glass for 17.95.

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