Monday, June 27

Eufloria HD, on the way to Nintendo Switch • Console and Dashboard

Eufloria HD is coming to Nintendo Switch on December 31st. After passing through other platforms, QubicGames and OmniSystems enter the Nintendo console. They offer puzzles and strategy in two dimensions.


This new edition is presented as strategic and addictive. We will explore a world with a unique style, which is committed to maximum immersion. To space exploration, we will add the conquest of asteroids.

We will participate in the growth of plants and a biomechanical evolution. We will use the resources to grow plants and take care of them. Also when it comes to getting semi-organic creatures to do our bidding.

Artificial intelligence will be the great enemy, competing for the same resources. Those in charge remember that we are facing a challenge that is easy to learn “and pleasant to master.” Its story mode consists of 25 levels, while its relaxed mode offers a more environmental experience, without pressure. Skirmish levels can be played over and over again, and Dark Matter mode is “a stylish and challenging form of play.”

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