Sunday, June 26

Epic gives away Moving Out • Console and Dashboard

Moving Out joins the Epic Games Christmas promotion, which consists of giving away a PC game every day. If we link it to our account in time, we will keep it forever.


It will be until five in the afternoon when Moving Out is available, free of charge. It is enough to locate it in the Epic Games Store and complete the purchase, for zero euros.

Team17, SMG Studio and Devm Games combine fun and stress in a physics-based moving simulator. With local multiplayer by flag, we started our career in furniture transport. Thus, we will take care of the moves of a bustling city.

As we move forward, the business will expand, all the way to the top. We will hire customizable workers and, ultimately, we will put our friendship to the test. Or what’s left of it. It has an adjustable level of difficulty.

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