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Director of Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story already preparing a new project | Levelup

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Yasumi Matsuno may not be the most recognized name in the industry, but he is a creative who has created several gems in the world of JRPG. This is why all fans of the genre should be excited to know that he is already working on a new project.

Hironobu Sakaguchi, creador de Final Fantasy, had a talk with 4Gamer which was part of a special in which the Japanese magazine asked various creatives in the industry about the future. As part of this special, Sakaguchi revealed that Matsuno is currently working on a new project.

Unfortunately, Sakaguchi was unable to advance many details. He only noted that Matsuno is in charge of writing a new game and that he is excited about what his colleague is doing.

So far, the only thing known is what Sakaguchi said. So, it is unknown who Matsuno is working with and what kind of game it is. We will be on the lookout and will inform you when we have the first details about it.

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Who is Yasumi Matsuno?

In case you didn’t know, Yasumi Matsuno is a Japanese video game developer and designer. His career in the medium began in 1989 when he joined Quest, a company in which he served as the director of Ogre Battle and its sequel.

In 1995, Matsuno joined Squaresoft to be the director and writer for Final Fantasy Tactics. Then he worked on Vagrant Story, a title that is considered cult among JRPG fans. He also served as a producer for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and was the supervisor of PlayOnline, Square Enix’s online multiplayer software.

Matsuno was also chosen by Sakaguchi to work as director of Final Fantasy XII with Hiroyuki Ito. Matsuno was responsible for creating the concept of the game and its story, but unfortunately problems began to arise. First, the creative was upset and refused to go to work after part of the creative team of Final Fantasy XII will leave Squaresoft to follow Sakaguchi in Mistwalker. In 2005, the creative left his post due to a “prolonged illness”.

Since then, Matsuno has worked for companies like Level-5 or as a freelance writer. In fact, he collaborated with Naoki Yoshida on content for the expansions. Stormblood Y Shadowbringers for Final Fantasy XIV.

What do you think about this new? Are you excited for Matsuno’s future project? Tell us in the comments.

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