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ATLUS hopes to launch a game in 2022 that will become a mainstay for the study | Levelup

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Thanks to recent releases, especially from the series Person, ATLUS has managed to expand its presence in the West and also captivate PC gamers. The expectation around the new project of the developer is growing, although we do not know much about it, ATLUS has just anticipated that it will be something very important.

ATLUS is known for being a studio that develops games oriented to the Japanese market, but that increasingly appeal to the West. In its portfolio of projects, franchise titles stand out Person, but there are also other smaller IPs, such as Odin Sphere or the recent 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.

ATLUS participated in the traditional end-of-year interview with Japanese developers that it organizes Famitsu (via Gematsu), in which they reveal their wishes and clues to their projects for the New Year. In it, creatives mentioned that there is an important game cooking.

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ATLUS to launch an ambitious game in 2022

Perhaps the most revealing is what Shinjirou Takada, a member of one of the creative departments of ATLUS, says, since he commented that he chose “challenge” as the word that will define his 2022, because he hopes to “launch a title to the world that will become a pillar for ATLUS. ” According to Takada, the team is developing something that will be satisfying and interesting for everyone.

But that did not end there, as Katsura Hashino also made a comment that will delight ATLUS fans who are waiting for a title that he announced many years ago. We are talking about Project Re Fantasy, an RPG we first heard about in 2017.

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Hashino, director de Person 5 and in charge of Project Re Fantasy, mentioned that ATLUS can finally “begin to launch a completely different title” to those it published in 2021. The creative said that the project has “reached an important phase after some ups and downs” and that it will continue to focus on shaping it.

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“It will be an important year for us to start things that will come later,” Hashino said. “We are not at a point where we can say anything in particular, but several things are in the works. Please look forward to it!” Added to this were other messages from ATLUS members, who, although they do not reveal much about the plans, reveal that they take into account the comments of the fans and that they appreciate the support.

It is important to remember that recently Person turned 25 and that ATLUS anticipated that it prepares several surprises for fans, among which are the revelations of new games in the franchise. Some have already been announced, but, from the way in which SEGA refers to this new game, it is not ruled out that it is related to Person, its flagship IP, or it could be a separate project revealed in 2022. In fact, Kazuhisa Wada mentioned that the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of Person will continue and asked fans to continue to monitor and provide support. We will keep you informed.

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