Thursday, July 7

AMD president points to 2023 as PS5 and XSX / S strongest year

The 2021 be remembered for many good things such as the arrival of some very interesting video games or the Steam Deck announcement although, on the other side of the scale (always looking at the world of video games) we have the bad part that, in what our hobby is concerned, it is related to the component shortage That is affecting gamers who want to renew their PC or who are interested in buying a current generation PS5 or XSX / S console.

Just a few hours ago Lisa Su, the top person in charge of AMD (who remembered that she is in charge of manufacturing the processor and the graphics of both consoles), has spoken about the current situation with the supplies of consoles, ensuring that AMD to increase chip production for next year that is just around the corner and predicting that the 2022 will be another great year for Sony and Microsoft, pointing out that, for her, the 2023 could be the strongest of the current generation of consoles.

First of all, I think the console business in this cycle, if you look at it in its entirety, ha sido increble“says Lisa Su referring to the first year of both gaming platforms.”I mean, we are in the second year and the demand is so high … we have been shipping a lot of product and The fact that the demand is so high says something about the sheer number of fans that Sony and Microsoft have captured. for the current cycle of consoles“.

We hope that the 2022 is another year of strong growth for these consoles. If we look at the typical cycle, the peak year is actually the fourth, therefore, we can hope that maybe 2023 will be the strongest year (from PS5 and XSX / S)“, finishes Lisa.

The ‘normality’ in the manufacture of chips did not arrive until 2023

Although Lisa Su is confident of increasing the pace in the manufacture of consoles (and its graphics for PC as well) in 2022, the truth is that since AMD have also at times pointed out that normal in the manufacture of chips will not reach the year 2023, something in which other large companies in the technology industry such as NVIDIA or Intel also agree.

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