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Agüero, Ibai and Messi have fun at the YouTube Rewind Hispano 2021 | Levelup

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One of the most impressive stories of rise in the history of streaming is that of Ibai Llanos, a Spanish streamer who conquered an audience in the millions and also great figures, especially in sports. 2021 made an account of it and of course what happened represents one of the most important moments for this entertainment sector, being recorded in one of the most anticipated videos of the year.

A streaming giant with 2 world soccer giants

Through his official YouTube channel, the Spanish streamer Alec Hernández, better known as “Alecmolon” presented the Rewind Hispano 2021, where he celebrates the most important events of the year for the community that follows streaming platforms. The detail on this occasion is that Ibai Llanos is the protagonist of a sketch in which he has front-line guests, nothing more and nothing less than Sergio “Kun” Agüero and Lionel Messi, Argentine soccer stars and 2 of the best players from all the times. The sketch where Ibai appears together with Messi and Agüero begins at minute 6:28 of the video that we show you below.

Ibai Llanos has been a fundamental piece for some famous sportsmen to join the world of streaming and it is that in addition to having charisma, the Spanish streamer has offered an interaction option based on fun and away from the harassment and pressure of the sports media and the entertainment tabloids. Hence, Ibai Llanos has been considered for an event as important as Lionel Messi’s farewell dinner after his departure from FC Barcelona and also that he has won the exclusive to be the first to talk with the Argentine star after his presentation at PSG.

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