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A tweet from Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins angered almost the entire community | Levelup

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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins It is on the way, and while it has some elements that can be criticized at first glance, it also has the potential to be an interesting spin-off. This is a game that has given a lot to talk about, but now it was the center of attention for the wrong reasons: a tweet that angered almost the entire community.

What happened? It turns out that the official account of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins made a tweet announcing the pre-sale of the Digital Deluxe edition. In the publication, it indicates that players who pre-order this edition will receive 3 additional missions – Trials of the Dragon King, Wnaderer of the Rift and Rifferent Future – that cannot be purchased separately.

The post angered more than one for obvious reasons: it seems to suggest that these 3 missions will be exclusive to those who pre-order the Digital Deluxe edition of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins. Thus, those who purchased the game in physical format or those who only wanted the digital version would receive an incomplete game without the opportunity to have the full experience.

The tweet that sparked the fury

In the comments of the tweet, you could read several consumers annoyed with Square Enix. Worst of all, they caused fury for not being careful with the words they wrote in the tweet, since the reality is different (we will explain why later).

“This is rubbish. I am someone who is very excited about this game, but I’m not 100% sure that I want or can play it upon release. Now they are saying that I will not be able to play additional missions unless I commit from now on. A garbage move that the fans don’t see, ”said the Twitter user known as Taser9001.

“They screw us for buying the physical game, huh? This is not a random weapon with a new skin or anything like that. IT’S CONTENT. CONTENT people will miss out on by not ‘getting the DIGITAL DELUXE version of the game’. Are these missions not even available at launch? ”Said CursedWind21.

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It was all a misunderstanding due to a Square Enix mistake

As you can see, the community is upset and with good reason. After all, Square Enix’s tweet can be interpreted that way. However, if you investigate a little more thoroughly you will realize that things are less serious than they seem.

What happens is that all the pre-sale pages of the Digital Deluxe edition of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins indicate that the only pre-sale incentives are the following:

  • 72 hours early access
  • Wildheart Weapon
  • Shining Shield Protection
  • Weapon Rebellion
Stranger of Paradise pre-sale and digital edition content
Stranger of Paradise pre-sale and digital edition content

And the missions? Well, it turns out that if they are part of the Digital Deluxe edition of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins, but not a pre-sale incentive. You see, this version of the game will include the Season Pass, which includes the 3 missions already mentioned.

But then why did Square Enix mention that these missions will not be able to be purchased separately? Because they will only be sold as part of the Season Pass. It is expected that this content can be purchased by players who purchase Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins in physical or its regular digital version once the game debuts.

Thus, Square Enix ended up provoking the fury of many players by choosing the wrong words in their tweet. Not to mention, the good news is that some fans got the message right and are helping to clear up this stumbling block.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin It will debut for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC (via Epic Games Store) on March 18, 2022. Follow this link for more news related to Final Fantasy.

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