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22 Games of 2022 – Pokémon Legends Arceus

Leyendas Pokmon Arceus It is not only one of the most anticipated video games of the coming year, but also one of the first that we will be able to enjoy in 2022 since it will be released on January 28 exclusively for Nintendo Switch At a price of 59,99 euros in Spain. This peculiar project comes to give a breath of fresh air to the saga Pokmon, exchanging the traditional turn-based combat installments for a new direct-action format, semi-open worlds on a journey to the past that will take us to Hisui, a region that over the years would come to be called Sinnoh.

A month after its launch, there is not little information we have about this new title developed by Game Freak and edited by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company: we know how its gameplay will be, what Pokémon will appear and what new Hisui forms will be, who will be the main characters, which way to go the story and many, many details ms that we will summarize them in continuacin.

The expected Pokémon game in the (not so) open world

  • Study: Game Freak
  • Publishing company: Nintendo / The Pokmon Company
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch
  • Release date: January 28, 2022

The first thing everyone thought (including us) when Leyendas Pokmon Arceus It was officially announced in February of last year that this will be the long-awaited big game of Pokémon in the open world. Little by little this information was nuanced and although it seems to be true that the areas of the map will be quite large, so much as to need saddles, what we can really expect from this title is a series of semi-open scenarios style of Monster Hunter; this means there will be a main zone, Jubilee Villa, from which we can access the multiple areas that we are unlocking.

The Jubilee Village will be the nerve center of the game, and that also means that it will be there where we will establish relationships with most of the characters: in this village inspired by those of feudal Japan we will not only find a shop, a tailor and a hairdresser, among other shops , but we will also be able to interact with the members of the Diamond and Pearl clans, as well as with those of the Galaxy Expedition Team, a group that we will join and in which we will level up as we advance and unlock new game areas.

Outside of this central town we will have a series of camping areas that will allow us to regain strength between confrontations. In Legends Pokémon Arceus our main mission will be to discover the reason behind a strange behavior of the Pokémon that inhabit the biomes that surround the planet. Monte Corona, so we will have to search, observe, weaken and catch these creatures. We will do it by fighting against them, although we can also fight against other trainers with a combat system that in both cases is much more direct than in the original games: the selection of attacks and the choice of Pokémon are not neglected, but shifts are changed for action in real time.

New Pokémon, Hisui Forms, and Legendary Creatures

As it happens in a new region, although in reality it is one that we already know but set in antiquity, in Leyendas Pokmon Arceus We are going to come across Pokémon that have changed shape over the years and even some new ones, so they are supposed to have disappeared considering that they are not in the games set today. Between the regional forms we found new designs for Voltorb, Growlithe or Zorua and Zoroark, implying a type change for each of them, while at the moment the only two new Pokémon are Wyrdeer and Basculegion, which have brought the national Pokdex up to 900 creatures.

To this must be added the appearance of legendary Pokémon that we already know can be caught to take with us in the team, at least that of Darkrai, the legendary Pokémon of the Sinister type, which we can obtain for free if we have a save file of Pokémon Shiny Diamond / Shimmering Pearl, in addition to the Galactic Ensemble of Team Galaxia.

As we said, there is much more information about Leyendas Pokmon Arceus, a risky title that has undoubtedly already become one of the most anticipated of 2022. You can read everything we know about the game in our preview.

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