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10 quotes that prove Thanos is the MCU’s best villain

The Mad Titan has many lines during his time in Infinity War and Endgame that cement his place as the best villain in the MCU.

Thanos and the Infinity Saga has been built in 3 phases of the MCU, and with Endless war Y Game over They fulfilled a promise made in 2012 with the mid-credits scene in Avengers. The result is one of, if not the best villain in the MCU.

Thanos has the pathos, intensity, and seriousness needed to cap off the 7-year career, and that’s due in large part to the writing and delivery of his spoken words. He’s had plenty of quotable lines throughout both movies, to the point where he lived, and still lives, comfortably on the internet as a villainous meme.

Thanos Warning

“Dread it. Run from that. The destination still comes. Or should I say that I have “

Thanos’ introductory speech at Endless war it’s one that really sets the tone for the movie. He starts off somewhat compassionate with phrases like “I know what it’s like to lose,” and he seems to be almost sympathetic to his victims. But when he finishes it off with this line, “fate has yet to come”, he lets his victims know that he will not give up. He feels your suffering, knows your pain, and yet he fully intends to move forward with his actions, without hesitation. It’s arguably scarier for a character to be aware of the consequences of their actions and still decide to move on, rather than other villains who may simply be unaware.

Thanos about warping his surroundings

“Reality is often disappointing … Now, reality can be whatever I want.”

The scene this quote comes from demonstrates the cruelty of Thanos. The Guardians arrive at Knowhere thinking that they will be able to prevent Thanos from acquiring the Reality Stone from the Collector. Unfortunately, at the end of the scene, it is revealed that he has laid waste to Knowhere and is showing his power with the newly acquired Reality Stone.

Thanos even allows his daughter Gamora to play out the fantasy of killing him, a fantasy that Gamora deserves to realize, only to pull the rug out from under her, revealing that he is in control of the situation and she cannot stop him. . The phrase “Reality can be whatever I want” is expressed with a mixture of self-assurance, curiosity and wonder as you exercise your newfound power.

Thanos in his future

“I finally rest and watch the sun rise in a grateful universe. The most difficult decisions require the strongest wills ”.

This line comes to the end of an exchange between Thanos and Doctor Strange on their home world, Titan. Strange investigates him about his motivations, and Thanos gifts him with his backstory, of how Titan overpopulated and collapsed in on himself despite his attempts to stop him. This line expresses the feeling that Thanos really believes that what he is doing is right and good for the universe. This is a feeling that is later felt in the last shot of the film, where Thanos sits on his farm and watches the sun rise, what he hopes it will be, a grateful universe.

Thanos on the return of the Avengers

“You couldn’t live with your failure, and where did that get you? Back to me. “

Where, in Endless war, Thanos has less ego about his goals and motivations, in Final, Thanos the Avengers face in the end lets his ego slide a bit more. He speaks this line, sitting patiently, as the Big Three stand to face him. Right now, he seems almost self-satisfied, beaming with pride at the actions he has yet to take. This line works as an insult to the Avengers and a boast to Thanos, as he is confident of his past or future victory.

Thanos on his motivations

“Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.”

This line is spoken in an intimate moment with Thanos and his future daughter. He says this to Gamora when she was a child the first time he meets her, while distracting her from the genocide she is committing in her home world with her people. This line essentially acts as Thanos’ full thesis statement in seven words. He believes that to ensure that half the universe can prosper, half the universe must be sacrificed. He believes that his actions are causing the cosmic scale to tip toward equilibrium.

Thanos on his perseverance

“I ignored my destiny once, I can’t do that again. Even for you. Sorry, little one.

In Vormir, to obtain the Soul Stone, it is revealed to Thanos and Gamora that the sacrifice of a loved one is necessary. Although Gamora initially laughs at this, assured due to years of physical and emotional abuse that he does not love her, Thanos offers this line before tearfully following up on the sacrifice. The combination of Brolin’s performance and the special effects team that brings that performance to life makes the audience feel that he truly loves Gamora. It provokes the feeling that if he is capable of killing someone he loves to achieve his goal, there is no limit to what he could do to anyone who stands in his way.

Thanos on his commitment to his cause

“I will destroy this universe to its last atom. And then… create a new one… A grateful universe. “

At the end of the exchange between Thanos and the Big Three before the final battle begins, he reveals his intentions. Having shown him how he has succeeded and despite that the Avengers still try to resist and undo his actions, Thanos now believes that half the universe is not far enough away anymore. This marks an increase in stakes, as there is now no mercy in his plan and there is no room for anyone to be saved. Underline their cruelty and dedication.

Thanos confused by Wanda

“I do not even know who you are”.

In the finale, Wanda appears with hatred and vengeance in her eyes, mourning the loss of her beloved Vision in Endless war at the hands of Thanos. However, this is technically a different version of Thanos, who never faced the Avengers in battle, so it takes his anger out on this line.

It’s a funny moment, as in canon this version of Thanos has never actually met Wanda or Vision, but it’s also emblematic of a general sentiment in line with the Thanos character; that none of the pain or suffering of these heroes matters to him in the least.

Thanos showing respect for Tony

“When it’s over, half of humanity will still be alive. I hope they remember you. “

In one of his most memorable encounters with an Avenger, this moment comes to the end of Thanos and Iron Man’s one-on-one fight on Titan. With Iron Man fatally wounded and Thanos standing over him ready to deliver the killing blow, he takes some pity on Tony. With this line, he expresses a feeling of genuine respect for his adversary, which is a bit off putting for the villain to feel sorry for the heroes. It speaks of some kind of moral code that most basic villains do not have and implies a level of trust. It almost seems that Thanos realizes how much he surpasses Tony and feels sorry for doing what he thinks he should do.

Thanos on his eternal influence

“The work is done. It will always be. I am inevitable. “

In the beginning of Game over The Avengers team up to find Thanos, defeat him, retrieve the stones, and undo what he accomplished in Endless war. Unfortunately, they arrive too late to find that Thanos has destroyed the stones, making it truly impossible to undo his work. While saying this line, he reproaches the heroes that they have failed and that, in fact, he was too much for the Avengers. It gives the impression that Thanos and his mission are always out of reach of the most powerful heroes on Earth, and gives the idea that in his entire tenure, Thanos is the only one who has defeated the Avengers.

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