Friday, September 30

Xbox Game Pass Title Pigeon Simulator Shares a Dev Update

The outrageous physics-based sandbox game and Xbox Game Pass launch, Pigeon Simulator, gets a dev update to celebrate the holidays.

Like its strange simulation game predecessors goat simulator Y Surgeon simulator, Pigeon simulator owes much of its viral popularity due to social media. That’s why, even with the excitement surrounding his low-key Xbox Game Pass confirmation during The Game Awards 2021, Pigeon simulatorDeveloper HakJak releases frequent development updates for the game’s growing fanbase. The latest video outlines what the team has been up to through 2021, as well as what lies ahead. Pigeon simulator in 2022.

Most of the nearly 5 minute development update breaks down many of the core systems that will be used to make Pigeon simulator the sandbox game something special. Most prominently, HakJak showed how Pigeon simulatorThe island configuration will be generated procedurally. That can go against games like goat simulatordesign, but there is a good explanation for the decision: destruction. Pigeon simulatorThe buildings will be completely destructible.

HakJak breaks down some of the features, which he calls toys, he adds to Pigeon simulatorbackend. For example, the pigeon will be able to eat hot sauce and breathe fire, grow into a giant pigeon and wreak havoc, and creatively drop excessive amounts of bird poop. HakJak has also created a dove transformation that turns the player into a dove-Hulk, with giant muscular arms that can destroy everything in their path. Most likely, there will be more toys left for players to discover.

Looking towards 2022, Pigeon simulator He still has a lot of work to do. HakJak says he plans to move from creating tools to focusing on creating stories and scenarios. That includes creating quests and dialogues, as well as unique and named characters. This system will also handle what HakJak describes as “sweet sweet pigeon loot.” It is safe to assume then that Pigeon simulator it will have a history and progression even with its procedurally generated cities.

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However, one thing HakJak doesn’t talk about is a release window or plans to bring Pigeon simulator to Xbox Game Pass. At the moment, HakJak’s focus remains development. Hopefully release details will arrive in 2022, but if not, fans can assume that HakJak’s team is still hard at work.

What is not clear at this time is whether Pigeon simulator still planning to launch in Early Access on Steam. This may not work with your Xbox Game Pass plans, as Early Access titles are typically not included in Game Pass. Still Pigeon simulatorThe Steam page still lists plans to release the game in Early Access, where it will stay for around 12 months. Perhaps the TinyBuild editor can clarify the matter to avoid confusion.

Pigeon simulator is in development for PC.

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