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Warzone Last Hours of Verdansk: How To Win And Rewards

We have finally reached the Verdansk Last Hours Event, which acts as a one-day farewell to Verdanks before we head out to the Pacific with the new War zone Map.

For those looking to snatch a last-minute reward before Verdanks leaves, or just want to experience a few more games of their favorite map, this new event is a tough one to win. To help, we’ve put together this guide detailing all the new features and how you can use them to get to the top.

Last Hours of Verdanks is a trio playlist with Rebirth Island’s comeback enabled for the first half of the match. However, it also features some unique features, including crashed planes, bombing raids, and a final bunker to secure.

Last hours of Verdanks: crashed planes

During the first part of the match, planes will start crashing around the map at random locations. Once they do, they will be marked on the map for any team of three to collect, thus becoming obvious battlegrounds for those looking to collect loot.

Once a team has secured the area, they can open a special box containing Crashed plane contracts. These grant massive rewards for those who reach them first, so be sure to get to these crashed planes quickly if you want an advantage over other players.

Last hours of Verdanks: bombings

Once you’ve reached the fourth circle, the rebirth will be disabled and players will have to secure one of the WWII bunkers on the map. While this is happening, Shelling is a constant threat on the surface of Verdansk.So stay in the buildings or secure the bunker early to get ahead of the game.

You will be advised where these bombings will take place, but after a while they will become so numerous that it will become dangerous to stay outside. How to overcome this obstacle? Get to WWII bunkers ASAP. Once you do, you don’t need to worry about the outside world and you can focus solely on the other players inside.

Last Hours of Verdanks: Securing the WWII Bunker

The final stage of the Last Hours of Verdansk event has your team secure a WWII bunker from other players. Once this begins, you will see a meter appear at the top of the screen indicating the progress a team has made towards this goal.

As a reminder, the Bunkers can be found near Array, Boneyard, and the airport.. After a circle or two, you should be able to figure out which bunker will be last. Head there in advance if you feel safe!

Once a team has secured the bunker or eliminated all other teams, they win the match. Obviously the most important tip for this stage is to get to the bunker early. You don’t want to be caught running into one of the entrances as these will likely be ambush locations where you can get shot both from inside and outside of the target area.

Yes you can, Try to secure a load that is best suited to closed bunkers.. A powerful submachine gun is your best bet, but a shotgun or akimbo pistols won’t go too bad either. The key is to get your team comfortable in the bunker before the rush to get in begins, that way you have an advantage over those who are late to the party.

Last Hours of Verdanks: Rewards

For simply participating in a Verdansk Last Hours event, you can win the “I was there” business card. However, we know what you are looking for… you want to know what you get for being in first place!

For doing just that, you get another calling card. Obviously this one is much more exclusive and flexible for everyone else you come across playing Warzone.

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