Friday, July 1

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown exceeds your expectations and we could see a new installment

Virtua Fighter is one of the veteran fighting sagas, and the first to lay the foundations of combat in 3D. After a decade of success, Sega parked the series with Virtua Fighter 5 and its numerous revisions to the last, Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown which released on PlayStation 4 on June 1. Now the team has confirmed to the Dengeki publication that the objective of this project was not so much to sell a lot but to serve as a “Trojan horse” to test a hypothetical Virtua Fighter 6. Sega is apparently very happy with the result.

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown are released in the PS Plus service and has also sold better than expected, fulfilling the objective of “reviving” the brand or at least making the brand known Virtua Fighter to a generation that does not know their games. Sega will now be evaluating the future and, although nothing is confirmed, It seems that we are closer than ever to seeing a new installment.

A Virtua Fighter 5 with the Yakuza engine

Ultimate Showdown is a remake of Virtua Fighter 5, which debuted in arcades in 2006, developed with Dragon Engine, the current engine of the sagas Yakuza Y Judgment. Although changes in lighting, textures, and detail give a new visual appearance, keeps intact its gameplay and all the good of one of the best 3D fighting sagas on the market.

“The graphic improvement is appreciated, it was not completely necessary because even today Virtua Fighter 5 it endures well the years behind him, but it was a necessary step to hook the new generations “, we count in his analysis.” Perhaps Ultimate Showdown It could do more in the solo modes section to earn that name of ‘ultimate’, but Sega promises updates that add modes – in fact the tournaments are in development – and content. In the end, we have neither more nor less than the return of one of the best games Sega has created in its history, which provides countless hours of frantic matches and satisfying multiplayer modes. Little more could be asked of this title when we thought that Virtua Fighter it had been completely forgotten. “

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