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Twitch: streamers could be punished if they react to movies and series | Levelup

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Although Twitch is a platform that is usually related to video games, it is undeniable that more and more streamers are transmitting other types of content; from the controversial Hot Tub craze to stamina challenges. However, another very popular trend may be causing dozens of users to receive some sanction.

Specifically, in recent years and months it has become popular for streamers to react to third-party content in their live broadcasts. In general, they tend to watch videos from other users of the platform or YouTube, as well as video game trailers or massive events such as E3, etc. However, there are those who raised the bar to another level and began to react to movies and entire series on their Twitch channels.

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Is it allowed to react to movies or series on Twitch?

While reacting to events such as The Game Awards and E3 is allowed and carries no penalty, streaming movies or series on the platform is against the rules. This, at least, on paper. As Twitter streamer Cohhcarnage emphasized, many content creators react to copyrighted productions, but are not penalized.

The content creator’s tweets made a lot of noise in the community, prompting Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham, Head of Creator Development at Twitch, to speak on the subject on Twitter and share his personal point of view.

Specifically, the Twitch worker clearly said that reacting and streaming movies and other shows is not okay and that it is content that may merit punishment from the DMCA. However, he says it is difficult to know why streamers who carry out this practice still do not receive punishment or banns.

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djWHEAT comments that, in their opinion, it will be a matter of time before streamers who react to that content begin to receive sanctions in their live broadcasts, just as it happened with music protected by copyright.

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We must remember that, a few months ago, Twitch became involved in a controversy because dozens of content creators began to receive banns for using music in their live broadcasts. This forced the streaming platform and the music industry to reach a (disappointing) agreement, while many video game developers began implementing features to protect players from copyright.

But tell us, do you think it’s okay for streamers to react to movies and series? Let us read you in the comments.

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