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Twitch star had to go to “streamer therapy” after being banned | Levelup

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Twitch is a platform that often punishes content creators who break its rules. It recently happened to xQc, a famous content creator and former Overwatch. What caught the attention of this is that the streamer confessed that he had to go to “streamer therapy” to have his punishment removed.

On a broadcast that took place on December 27, xQc came across a conversation involving djWHEAT, Twtich’s head of community productions. This brought back a memory to the streamer, who spoke about the time he was banned.

“This guy is great. When I got banned, Twitch told me that to get rid of my punishment I had to go to some kind of streamer therapy. I had to agree to go to one or a couple of streamer rehab therapy sessions and this guy was my therapist, ”he explained.

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During the broadcast, many thought the Canadian streamer was joking; however, he reaffirmed that it is something real. Of course, he made it clear that it is a little less extreme than it sounds and that they were simply sessions with which they wanted the content creator to understand the rules of the platform and why he was banned.

“It was about a thing where they would ask you ‘oh, do you understand why you got banned?’ and ‘oh, for this reason it was wrong’, such talks ”, was how xQc described the therapy, which he also described as short and satisfactory.

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It is worth mentioning that xQc is the first content creator to mention something like “streamer therapy”. That being said, he is also one of the biggest creators on the platform and has been banned 5 times, so his case is truly unique.

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