Wednesday, August 17

They discover a new secret near the end of Metal Gear Solid 23 years later

!: Although Metal Gear Solid for PSX is a game with many years behind it, we warn you that this news may have spoilers.

Hideo Kojima introduced a few secrets into the Metal Gear Solid who came to PSX on September 3, 1998 to become one of the most iconic games of its generation and in one of the best installments of the saga thanks, in large part, to little tricks and details that the Japanese creator introduced into the game.

Indeed, 23 years later the speedrunner PlatonicGuy has discovered a new “trick” at final stretch of the title, so if you have not completed it and are thinking of doing it soon or in the future We urge you to stop reading at this time as it may contain spoilers.

It is precisely the final moment of the game, that part in which we flee at full speed in a small van with Snake mounted on his back armed with a machine gun. At a certain point in this scene we come to an area where there are two guards that cut us off … and that we can control if we connect the remote to port 2 from the console, a mechanic similar to the confrontation with Psycho Mantis in which we can connect the controller to port 2 to prevent this enemy from “reading our minds”.

Kojima has two new games underway

While his games of the past continue to offer us a multitude of secrets and curiosities, Hideo Kojima has recently talked about his aspirations for 2022 commenting that you are working on two different games, one “big” and one “new and challenging” which is expected to be a new IP. Be that as it may, the Japanese game creator himself confirmed at The Game Awards that in 2022 we will have news of at least one of his two new projects.

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