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The Squid Game does not have Season 2 yet, but there are already talks for a third | Levelup

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In 2021, there were few success stories like that of The Squid Game. The Netflix series known as Squid Game internationally it came almost from nowhere and quickly became a viral hit that many tried to imitate. Thanks to the fact that it succeeded like this, in the future we will have a Season 2 and apparently there are also talks for a third season to exist.

In a talk with KBS, a Korean television network (via Kotaku), Hwan Dong-kyuk, creator of Squid Game, revealed that he is in talks with Netflix to make 2 more seasons of The Squid Game. So it looks like the story of Seaon Gi-hun will continue for a little while longer.

“I am in talks with Netflix about Season 2 and also about Season 3. We will reach an agreement at any time. We are aware that everyone is waiting [la nueva temporada] so we are trying to think positively about creating a new season, “he said.

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It’s normal that The Squid Game go to continue

That Netflix wants to continue the success of The Squid Game it is no surprise. After all, the Korean series triumphed internationally, being the most watched on the platform in 90 countries. What is a bit more surprising is that Dong-Hyuk is willing to continue it, since he assured that just thinking about continuing the series seemed “tired” to him.

However, it seems that the creator has changed his mind and is willing to continue with The Squid Game. We’ll see if this results in even more season, some movie and why not a video game as well?

What do you think about this new? Do you think so many seasons of The Squid Game can they be a success?

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