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The select club of centennial defenders




TAfter having almost completely overcome half the season, several players from LaLiga Fantasy MARCA they are already centenarians in their scores. But nevertheless, only four defenses have managed to scale that wall so far. We review who they are and what are their achievements that accredit them as members of this ‘select’ club.

He arrived to replace the departure of Sergio Ramos and has taken control of the white defense. He is the defender with the highest score (112), thanks to his scoring ability (1) and assisting (3). In addition, on the defensive side he stands out with 68 recoveries that have served him to add nine Fantasy points. Undoubtedly, a back bolt and a safety for our alignments.


The season of the set Jagoba Arrasate It is not going unnoticed and a good part of the fault lies with a central: David Garca. The Navarrese adds 106 recoveries so far this season, something that allows you to closely follow Alaba in Fantasy points with 111 total. Its value has not stopped growing and, in fact, has reached its peak in the middle of Christmas with 35.4 million.


The Portuguese central defender has taken advantage of the void left by Varane and Ramos to gain a place in the Real Madrid eleven and he has taken advantage of it. Collect 109 Fantasy points and after the first round he has already reached 96 recoveries and has won 152 duels. A luxury for our eleven years for which we must pay 47.3 million.


He is the last member of this centenary club and it is thanks to his 108 points. Their numbers are their greatest credential: 101 recoveries, 61 punts and 116 wins. All this has allowed him to add points to Sevilla and to 29 points BRAND. His partner Kound follows him, although he does not catch up with the group and remains at the gates (99).

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The select club of centennial defenders

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