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The only thing Disney Plus should do in 2022

Disney Plus feels, at least right now, just like a Star Wars and MCU factory, and that may not be enough. As much as I enjoy Clint Barton’s Christmas adventures with Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, I still think I might cancel Disney Plus soon.

And why is the La Casa del Ratón streaming service always on the cutting board for me? Due to that aforementioned extremely narrow use case. And that’s why I think Disney Plus needs to find something. new in 2022.

I am not alone in this concern, it seems. The Wall Street Journal reported that Disney Plus is not gaining new subscribers at the rate analysts expected. And since I’ve been looking at the Disney Plus 2022 roster, I don’t see the need for more than the same old stuff. And I’d have a lot more confidence in Disney Plus if I managed to pull something out of nowhere, rather than just expanding on the characters we’ve already met.

You can only rewatch the MCU so many times

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Right now, I’ve been updating my family on all things Marvel. And we are about to catch up. We’re just a Hawkeye, Black Widow, and a Shang-Chi away from getting it all done, and after that, I don’t know how much I’ll be able to get them to worry about everything.

I’ll watch Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk because they look cool, but while I think Law & Order is rumored and the latter’s MCU antics may appeal to my L&O-loving parents, I’m not sure early adventures of a will to teenage superhero. Tatiana Maslany has already proven that she can run a show, and that’s reason enough to give She-Hulk a shot. You may be interested in the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas special. I hope by then he hasn’t completely lost Chris Pratt.

A constant fire hose of new content gives Netflix subscribers at least an impression that they should keep their subscriptions on the off chance that the next Squid Game will be a big hit.

Marvel’s Moon Knight could win audiences only with Oscar Isaac. The man is that charismatic. Secret invasion? Sure, it has Emilia Clarke and Olivia Colman, but the whole story of “Skrulls have infiltrated the upper echelons of power” seems too similar to the rise and fall of Hydra.

Similarly, I’ve seen Eternals so I won’t even mention it to my parents, they shouldn’t have to suffer from its monotony and boring vibes. And that’s why I’m starting to think that if I frequently canceled and canceled Disney Plus if I didn’t cover it to work on Tom’s Guide. This is not what Disney Plus wants to hear, that someone eager enough to see Spider-Man: No Way Home who stayed up until midnight to buy opening night tickets is ready to be a part of the rotation.

Turnover, a term that subscription companies hate to admit is a real problem, is the act of getting in and out of a service because it’s not a constant need. Dropout is possibly the reason Netflix throws everything it can at the walls to see what sticks. A constant fire hose of new content gives subscribers at least an impression that they should keep their subscriptions on the off chance that the next Squid Game or Tiger King will be a big hit.

The sequels and prequels can only go so far

(Image credit: Disney)

Disney probably knows better than I do when it comes to the needs of its audience. Why else would we be disillusioned (the sequel to Enchanted, not the Matt Groening animated series), with Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden and Idina Menzel reprising their roles? Similarly, Hocus Pocus 2 is happening. The latter makes more sense, as plays for nostalgia seem to win most of the time.

When will Peter Parker’s cheeky boss J. Jonah Jameson be the center of a newsroom-like series?

There’s also Baymax !, the sequel series to the 2017 Big Hero Six movie. And while I’m not exactly giddy about this one, I can see that Disney is building a something-for-everyone approach here.

To that end, Disney has tipped off the world of the upcoming Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi series, which is supposed to land sometime in 2022. These days, people are excited to see Ewan McGregor’s Jedi Master face off in a duel of lightsabers. with Darth Vader from Hayden Christensen. But you can’t count me as one of them. When does a story occur before or within the chronology that we already know? We already know that Star Wars struggles with that. The Star Wars: Andor series, similarly, is a prequel to Rogue One.

While fans of those characters may be interested enough to take a look, the only incoming Disney Plus property with a lot of excitement behind it is Mandalorian season 3. But we don’t even know when it will be. Maybe The Book of Boba Fett explains it?

Where are the strangest things from Disney Plus?

Perhaps Disney Plus is cheaper than Netflix because it isn’t supposed to offer as much. It’s the place for all the Disney stuff yes know and love. But for those of us looking for something new? Without that, Disney Plus is terribly limited. Netflix has gotten used to being the home of new creations. I know Disney Plus is young, but it should soon start doing more of the unknown.

Because unless they can find a way to put on a show with every minor and tertiary character, when will Peter Parker’s cheeky boss J. Jonah Jameson be the center of a newsroom-like series? – It will be difficult to fill a calendar only of Marvel and Star Wars.

Building new worlds that people love could help with that. Maybe ask the folks at Pixar. They managed to get us to worry about a toy cowboy.

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