Wednesday, May 18

Remedy announces agreement with Tencent for Vanguard, its free multiplayer game

Remedy Entertainment, one of the most famous video game studios in the world, announced just a few minutes ago that it has reached a collaboration agreement with Tencent, the Chinese giant of videogames that owns a good part of several of the most important developers in the world.

On this occasion the Asian company does not buy part of Remedy (at least for now) but i know i know commission some of the development, distribution and localization for the Asian countries of its upcoming multiplayer cooperative game called Vanguard Of which at the moment we have hardly any details or an approximate launch date.

This new title will be a new intellectual license from Remedy for consoles, PC and mobile devices in which the narrative experience of this study will be combined with action mechanics and a cooperative multiplayer experience PvE that bet on a free-to-play business model, that is, we will be facing a game that we can play for free when it is released in the future.

Vanguard stands at an early stage of development and its cost during its first year will be similar to that of other AAA titles in the study, being financed by both Remedy and Tencent, which will also be responsible for the localization and distribution of the game in Asian markets for which it may be interesting.

Both Remedy and Tencent will bear the distribution costs in their respective territories. and they will share a portion of the benefits obtained by this new title in each of them as soon as the costs of its development have been recovered.

Remedy’s first game as a service

Vanguard brand Remedy’s first project on the games as a service business model“says the CEO of the company, Tero Virtala.”We are creating something new and exciting within the cooperative multiplayer genre. Expanding our capabilities to take on editorial responsibilities is the next step in growing our business. We are delighted with this long-term partnership with Tencent and can say that it fits perfectly into Vanguard’s ambitious plans.“.

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